I love working with brands and educators! Agreeing to work with me professionally implies that you have read and agreed to the terms laid out on this page. For that reason, I recommend you take a look before contacting me so that we can both be on the same page right from the start.

Product Reviews

I currently accept some sex toys, personal lubricants, skincare, haircare, makeup, lingerie and underwear, eco-friendly menstrual products, and soft bondage items for review. If you’re interested in sending me a product for consideration, please read the following guidelines, then shoot me an e-mail.

  • All opinions are my own, and I cannot guarantee that I will personally enjoy your product. If it’s well made, I will make sure my readers know that. Similarly, I will make suggestions as to who might enjoy the toy, even if I did not enjoy it myself.
  • Because I live in Germany, shipping can be expensive, and sometimes a trip to Customs is required. For any international packages, please include an itemized invoice and mark the package as a gift if that is an option. (But please do not write “gift” on the package, because that is the German word for poison. I learned that one the hard way.) The sponsor agrees to take responsibility for Customs fees.
  • If your company does not have an affiliate program in place, you have the choice between either sponsoring a review with monetary compensation, or accepting links to other sellers within the review. If you choose the former, no refunds will be issued unless the product does not arrive for review. If you choose the latter, I will link to your company at least twice — once in the body of the review, and again at the end.
  • If you need to have the review completed by a certain date, please include that in your initial message. I like to take my time in order to form a well thought out opinion, benefitting both your company and my readers.
  • Sex toys: I try not to review anything porous, and I absolutely will not review anything made of the following materials: Jelly, TPR, “Cyber Skin”, softened PVC, or sil-a-gel. Silicone, glass, wood, high quality metals, and ABS plastic are the materials that I prefer to work with.
  • Lubricant: I am happy to review lubricant that does not contain glycerin, parabens, or warming agents.
  • I will not review supplements, and I am generally not interested in hardcore BDSM products.

Sponsored Posts

I love having the chance to work with brands, educators, and other folks I respect on sponsored posts. Per FTC regulations, sponsored content must be clearly disclosed. I handle this by including a short, positive disclaimer at the end of my sponsored posts. If you’re interested in sponsoring a post, please read the following guidelines, then send me an e-mail.

  • All sponsored content is to be written by me, and will be written with my audience in mind. As such, all opinions are my own, and I will not publish anything that I deem to be untruthful or in any way against my personal and brand values.
  • I prefer to write sponsored posts about topics that interest my audience in an effort to provide value and create something shareable. Whenever possible, I would prefer to write a post on an interesting, engaging topic that still provides opportunities to organically link to your brand. If you’d prefer something more brand-centric like a Shop Tour, where I talk up your online store and provide my top picks from your catalog, I’d be happy to work with you on that, too.
  • Unless otherwise discussed, sponsored content will remain live on marvelous darling for a minimum of one year. Non-affiliate links within sponsored posts may be replaced after six months has passed.
  • I do not guarantee a certain click-through rate or amount of traffic, but I will do my best for your brand and for mine.
  • Once a post is written, the sponsor is entitled to check the post before it goes live. Factual errors may be changed, and other small changes may be made at my discretion. Posts will not be re-written from scratch.
  • Once a sponsored post topic has been agreed upon, my rate has been paid in full, and the post is written, no refunds will be issued.
  • Per FTC guidelines, sponsored posts will contain a short disclaimer at the very bottom of the text. For more information on why this protects both you and me, check out this FTC FAQ.


Sponsorship differs from sponsoring a post, although a sponsored post can be included within a sponsorship package. I prefer to approach each sponsorship like I approach any relationship: As a unique entity that requires upfront communication of expectations and mutual respect. Rather than outlining pre-made sponsorship packages, I would rather we work together to determine what suits both of our needs. Once you’ve read the policies below, if you’d like to get in touch about sponsorship, shoot me an e-mail.

Some of what I offer:

  • Writing sponsored blog posts (as outlined above).
  • Sharing social media posts featuring sales, brand images, links, or product placement.
  • Representing or showcasing your brand at events.
  • Placing an ad in my sidebar.

Sponsorship Policies

  • I prefer to work with brands that exhibit values similar to mine. That said, I’m fairly open-minded — as long as you aren’t oppressive or offensive, I am absolutely open to hearing from you.
  • All sponsorship compensation is nonrefundable.
  • Additionally, policies from the Sponsored Post section above also apply here.

Sex Toy & Adult Industry Consulting

Having been in the sex toy industry for nearly five years now, doing everything from reviewing toys to assisting in the design process, I consider myself a true professional. To learn more about the kind of consulting that I offer, head on over to Work With Me.

I have some guidelines when it comes to consulting that I believe benefit both of us. Once you’ve read through them, please send me an e-mail if you’d like to request my services.

  • I am happy to sign a standard non-disclosure agreement, but I will read through it carefully. If I determine that I am not comfortable signing, your consultation fee will be refunded so long as no work has already been completed.
  • Under all other circumstances, consulting fees are nonrefundable. Typically, I will request an initial deposit of 50% upfront, with the remaining 50% to be delivered within 7 days of completion unless otherwise pre-negotiated.
  • I prefer to conduct services via e-mail whenever possible. I find that having a record of what’s discussed is very helpful, particularly when it comes to one-off consultations like social media strategy. With e-mail, you have something to refer back to whenever you need it. That said, I am available via Skype, FaceTime, and by phone. I do not conduct consultations via WhatsApp, iMessage, or text message.