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Life Lately


The store finally opened last Friday!  I worked the opening shift on Friday, and I couldn’t believe how many people swarmed the place.  There were lots of shoppers who didn’t even realize it was our opening weekend, so it’s possible that we’ll remain pretty busy.  By the time I came in for my second shift on Saturday night, we were already out of a couple of products, and the 5 hours flew by like 2.

I haven’t had much time lately to devote to toy testing, and my mind has been way too exhausted to take detailed notes.  Last week, I had training at Lush, then the store opening; between Friday and Saturday, I worked 25 hours.  This week is going to be a lot more relaxed, so I’m hoping to get another review up by this weekend.

I’m currently working on reviewing: CalEx Namaste Harmony, Good Clean Love Cinnamon Vanilla lubricant, Expert G vibrator by Marc Dorcel, So Silicone Dildo by Marc Dorcel, WeVibe Salsa, and Ammo’s Mika vibrator.

…and trying approximately 25 new things from Lush.


Would you guys totally hate it if I did a roundup of my favorite Lush products in about a month?


Long-Overdue Instagram LIfe

I haven’t posted pictures from Instagram in at least a month, maybe two!  I hope you’ve missed them as much as I have.  I’ve been posting regularly on Twitter and Instagram itself, but they haven’t made it to my blog in a while.  (If you want to keep up with me, you can find me on IG @nicetobelieve!)

My dad’s an architect and sometimes likes to design and build model buildings.  This one is my favorite!

Page Dairy Mart!  If you’re ever in Pittsburgh, I seriously recommend grabbing some ice cream.  They have crazy soft serve flavors and the most amazing sundaes ever.

Blogger cliche #1,956,783: Froyo and toppings, shot from above.  So good.  Every bite.  Taro yogurt, raspberries, mochi, and graham cracker crumbs.

Every time I go into Madewell, I just leave wanting all of the things.

No Instagram post is complete without a shot of the fluffy pup, Dmitri!

Shrimp fajitas from Mad Mex?  Yes, please.  I was kind of shocked by how excellent they were as leftovers the next day.  College kid working 8 hour retail shifts win.

The flowers outside of my parents’ house attract the most adorable bumbly bees.  I can’t get enough!

Steve and I have taken to laying on his roof and watching the sunset, sometimes with dinner in hand.

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