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My First Time at Planned Parenthood

As you might have astutely guessed from the title, today was my first time at Planned Parenthood. I’ve always gotten my birth control from a family doctor, and I’ve never before had a pregnancy scare, so there wasn’t much reason for me to go. (I’m also lucky in that my university provided free STI screenings. Go Pitt!)

But today, I went with a friend. Which actually turned into us eating breakfast in the Planned Parenthood lobby, then taking pee tests together. Pretty sure it’s important for me to now say that ain’t nothing growing in my uterus.

The women working there were all so sweet and so patient. My friend and I were both nervous and kept fumbling around with our clipboards. It’s not that I was embarrassed to be there or nervous about being seen – I was just nervous about getting the results of my test. After we both got our desired results, a woman sat and talked with us about our concerns (like um, where my period is hiding?), and then we were free to stroll pasts the Lifers and their signs on our way out.

Honestly, it was one of the simplest and easiest health care experiences I’ve had. It’s well organized, very secure, and staffed with compassionate people. If for some reason you’ve been putting off any kind of reproductive health care, GO. It’s at least 10x easier and less intimidating than you think.

Regarding the protestors, you actually have a right to a clear pathway to the door of the clinic. If they won’t back off, you can call the cops if that’s something you feel comfortable doing. I know not everyone can trust their police force, but the option is available. The ones outside today were pretty mild, signs about praying to end abortion. (How about EDUCATE to end abortion? No? Then we’re back to square one.)

If you’re new to my blog, know that I like to post about things that normally people don’t talk about in public. I figure if I talk about it openly, maybe people who need to talk will speak up, whether it’s privately to me or publicly within their communities.

Do you have any experiences with Planned Parenthood?

PS: If you’re in the Pittsburgh area and need a compassionate and confidential ride to Planned Parenthood, or just someone to listen, email me.

Excitement and End of Semester Blues

Pretties and handsome gents!

It’s been a crazy-ass time over here.  I had a dog for a couple of days last week, and in tomorrow’s Instagrams post (look forward to it! …please?), you’ll see a lot of the little cutiepie.  I was alerted to more than 50 bomb threats because I go to the amazing University of Pittsburgh, which is currently being straight-up terrorized.  I made a glittery iPhone case which I’m considering selling in my own online boutique this summer (!).  And last but not least, I’ve been hit hard by end of semester blues and highs.

Can we go ahead and share our semester lows and highs?  Join me in the comments, please!