Lazy Sunday Linkasaurus

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Hi pretties.

I’m actually on top of things this Sunday!  Well, I’m on top of being lazy.  That’s the best kind of thing to be on top of, right?  That’s a dangerous thing to say on a sex-positive blog, huh?  Whatever.  You enjoy a good lazy Sunday in bed and you know it.

& First up, we have an amazing DIY tutorial from Camille Styles on how to make your own custom cork stopper for when you’re Poppin’ Bottles!  (Poppin’ Bottles is also the name of her post, and she gets so many Marvelous points for that.)

& I’m kind of obsessed with The Fitnessista right now.  I can’t for the life of me remember how I stumbled upon her blog, but I’m absolutely loving her positive attitude about health and wellness!  She’s a personal trainer, a mum, and she makes amazing, healthy meals for which she shares the often simple recipes.  Brilliant.

& At some point, I would really, really like to take this e-course on achieving your creative dream job from Elsie and Emma of Red Velvet.

& If you’ve been a Marvelous Darling reader for a long time, you might remember my old, old post about nail polish.  Well, the cat’s out of the bag now: I freaking love nail polish.  Glitter polish, matte polish, shiny polish, sheer polish, opaque polish.  If someone sung me a nail polish version of “Soft Kitty” before bedtime, I would be heaven. If you want to learn how to make your own glitter nail polish, head on over to Lexy Levin’s tutorial – I’ll see you there, all glitterfabulous!

& Have you gotten Paper’d yet?  No?  Why not?  Don’t you like free, professionally designed iPhone wallpapers?  Yeah.  They’re super pretty.  I have one on my phone now, and while I’m still rocking a 3G (that’s right, not a 3GS – I got mad 3G swag over here), my phone looks like a million bucks.  So if you want some, go get some.

& I kind of want to marry Kira for the Primp My Blog section of her site, Her New Leaf.  No, but seriously.  If you’re new to blogging, or if you need a little sprucing, go check her out!

& …and while we’re on the subject, go check out her post about her favorite iPhone apps! I had no idea half of these existed and I’m super excited to try out Hipstamatic Disposable!

I hope you’re enjoying a lazy or productive Sunday, my loves.  See you later!

Safe & sexy,


A Not-so-Lazy Sunday

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Hi pretties.

I’m afraid I don’t have any links for you this lazy Sunday, because I’ve been anything but lazy all day!  When I got over the daylight savings time blues this morning at 9:30, I dragged myself out of bed and committed to my second day of running.

For some reason, on Friday morning, I woke and decided to go for a run.  Because I’ve literally never in my life gone for a run, this was actually more like going for a run, jog, walk, pant.  But I sweated through two miles out on the road!  Per my lifelong friend Megan’s (you saw her yesterday!) advice, I took yesterday off, and got back on the road today for a shorter distance, about 1.3 miles.  I feel fantastic.

If you’ve been curious about trying something new, I think you should.  You can.

Safe & sexy,


Lazy Sunny Sunday

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Hi pretties,

This lazy Sunday post is being brought to you from the only sunny spot in my basement apartment – the living room.  But the sun is doing its best to stream through our meager windows and I feel kind of like a cat, trying to find a spot of sunlight to curl up in.  *purr*

How was your week?  Anyone have exciting news?

It’s been a fantastic week for valuable content, over here!  I have so much to share with you today, I hope you don’t mind an extra long Lazy Sunday post!

I invested in Kaelah’s PR + Marketing eBook just two days ago, on Friday night, and I had finished it by Saturday at 11am.  I couldn’t put it down.  It’s seriously a wealth of valuable information, and I’m so happy I picked it up in the early stages of my blog because I can’t wait to put it to good use!  If you’ve been thinking about blogging, or if you want to give your blog a PR/Marketing facelift, this is definitely a book I would recommend!  On top of what you get out of it, you’re supporting a lovely lady’s indie business.  Win/win!

& It seems like every single day, I find at least 3 new blogs to follow, and I’m so happy I found Bobbi’s this weekend!  Today, I’m Bobbi has some truly gorgeous photos, unique how-tos, and her design is unique but clean.  I’m hooked!  I always have the utmost respect for bloggers who take the time to respond to comments or tweets, and Bobbi is one of those ladies.  Plus, she’s spent 2 years living in Australia and New Zealand – how cool is that?

& Do you have big dreams but feel trapped, not knowing how to get them off the ground?  I’m loving this post on Nubby Twiglet right now on just that topic!  Nubby’s blog is full of great content and awesome resources, on everything from design to blogging to fashion.

About six months ago, I found The Emma Edition by way of Refinery 29’s article on teen bloggers.  I love Emma’s blogging voice!  She’s such an impressively creative and unique young woman (is that a weird phrase coming from a 21 year old?), and she actually writes for Refinery 29.  Basically, I hope to be as cool as Emma when I grow up.

Cute girls with rats!  There’s a whole Tumblr full of ’em!  I knew there were more like me in the world!  If you’ve seen my posts with Ewan in them, you know I’m a rat momma.  If you didn’t know before, you know now!  Rats have such a bad rap, but really, they’re sweet and very loving pets.  They tend to be smart, clean, and incredibly tame.  If you’re curious about rats as pets in general, you should check out!

This week coming up, I’m on spring break!  What does this mean for Marvelous Darling?  Even more content!  I’m planning on showing you all how I took an ordinary Moleskine-like notebook (honestly, you can use a Moleskine or a generic equivalent from your local art supply store – I’m not a notebook elitist) and turned it into a functional blog planner.  I’ll also be doing a full review of the Je Joue Mimi, which by the way, is getting excellent marks in every category thus far.  And last, but not least, I’d like to do a short piece on my favorite Twitter personalities that you may not have heard of.  Of course, expect an Instagram post or two thrown in for good measure.  So stay tuned!  

Safe & sexy,


Lazy Sunday

Happy Sunday!

Sunday is usually my day to do whatever I want or need to do to just recharge for the week.  I know it sounds cheesy, but I’m completely serious!  I often work Sundays, but since tonight is a night shift with one of my favorite coworkers, even that feels like a break!

Since I love when other bloggers link to awesome things outside their blogs on Sundays, I’m hoping to make that a regular feature here on Marvelous Darling.  If you have submission ideas, Tweet me!  You can find my Twitter info over on the right hand menu.

& I found this list of Henry Miller’s 11 writing commandments over at Gala Darling and I’m about to Post-It them above my desk.

& Do you already obsessively check PostSecret every Sunday?  If not, this Sunday is as good as any to start.  I like to think that everyone will find at least one secret each week that will resonate with them somehow.

& I am far, far away from getting married, but Rock N’ Roll Bride is full of amazingly different wedding ideas that are definitely worth a peek, even just for eye candy!

& Is anyone else kind of obsessed with Harney & Sons tea tins?  As much as I love tea, I keep being tempted to buy them just to put things in them!  If I could, I would straight up build an entire house out of brightly colored tea tins.

Alton Brown is my main Food Network man, so if you have some time today and want something super extra yummy for dinner, give his Baked Mac N’ Cheese a try!

I’ll be back very soon with the next installment of What’s the Buzz?  and until then,

Safe & sexy,