CatalystCon East, 2013

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I spent Thursday through Sunday in Arlington, VA, and Washington, DC, for CatalystCon. So, what is CatalystCon?

CatalystCon is an awesome conference held on the East and West coasts for sex educators of all kinds. I saw everyone from Tristan Taormino to college freshmen, and everyone was there to talk about sexual health, education, and pleasure. If you’re interested, you should see if you can make it to CCon West, or consider volunteering for CCon East next year. (As a volunteer, my conference pass was free.)

Before the conference officially began on Friday night, I went to Tristan’s Sex Educator Boot Camp, and it was amazing. I didn’t know that one person could talk for 4 hours and keep my notoriously short attention span working.

After Boot Camp, I finally met my friends from SheVibe, and Sandra kept bringing vodka cranberries back for me so the night began to get a little fuzzy… Side note: As an introvert, I really needed time away from the conference to recharge, so I spent Friday night in my hotel room, ordering gyros and watching Drag Race with Steve.

Saturday was a blur. Besides sessions, I got lunch with Epiphora and some new friends, finally saw Lilly for more than five seconds, and stuck my hand in Ducky DooLittle’s glory hole during Dirty Bingo. (I got bingo! But I was the second to shout it. So sad.)

Now, I’m not good at goodbyes, so when Sunday rolled around I went to the sessions I volunteered for and then booked it out of the hotel. By the end of any high-impact weekend, I’m in major need of time to myself. But I did get to attend a talk on what became a pretty heated topic: Fifty Shades of Grey. I could write an entire post on my thoughts from that panel, and eventually I will, but today is not that day.

Thank you to Dee Dennis, the Evil Slut Clique, and others in the Girl Gang for making CCon a reality, and thank you so much, SheVibe, for sending me to Boot Camp!

Also, I’m having some issues with my posting – I can’t seem to get the visual editor to work – so links right now are MIA. Help, anyone?

I’m Actually Having a Lazy Sunday

It’s probably because the world is ending with Frankenstorm.  I’m actually having a Lazy Sunday.  I was given a random Sunday off, and I desperately needed it.  This week kicked my ass, and ended with Steve and me (dressed as Prince and a Playboy Bunny) singing karaoke at a local bar (“Darling Nikki” and “Oops… I Did It Again”, if you were wondering).

Braiding! For SHORT HAIR! I can have some fun too, bitch!

If you’ve been thinking about blogging, if you’re new to blogging, or if you feel like there’s still something you can learn (hint: there is, this is you), you should check out Ali Lehman’s Blog Tips post category.

& Shannyn wrote about How To Score Free Stuff With Your Blog.  I can get behind that.

Haha. They’re worried this could come to Boston.  Would you be comfortable with a Trojan crew giving away vibrators on street corners in your city?

Sarah Von says, “Be Happy In This Moment.
How is your weekend turning out?  Did you go out for Halloween at all?

Ask Me Anything

This isn’t part of a link-up or a meme, but rather something I’m hoping to make a semi-regular (read: every few months) feature.  

I’m looking for your questions about:

Toys and lubes.

Personal health care (testing, best lube/lotion/potion for ___, bath & beauty).

Porn, including porn and relationships.

Relationships and dating.

Mental health and sexuality.


I don’t want to focus this on me.  I want this to be about you.  What do you want to know?  If you raise a big enough question, or if the answer would be too long, I’ll likely turn it into a feature-length post.  And if no one asks questions, this is going to be embarrassing, so get cracking.  Feel free to submit anonymously.


To submit a question:

Tweet at me!

E-mail me!

or just comment!

Mini Wish List: Toys Edition

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I really want to know: What’s on your wishlist?

Since starting my job at Adam & Eve Pittsburgh, I’ve added a fair few items to my personal arsenal of all things fun: the Lelo Mia, Sportsheets Cuffs and Tethers, the Sportsheets Doggie Style Strap, the WeVibe II, a decent non-vibing cockring, Lelo Ella…  You get the point.

But still, it’s like a search for the Holy Grail, and I have to expand my collection.  I’m not a voracious clothes shopper.  I still have the same iPod I’ve had since my 17th birthday (much love to the 2nd gen Nanos).  But if there’s one category in which I just can’t help myself, it’s sex toys.  For me, for us, for him… In fact, I’ve been trying to convince the manfriend that he needs a Fleshlight, but he’s just not on board.  So what do I want to add to the collection?

1. Sqweel 2:  Nothing is as simultaneously as bizarre and potentially erotic as a wheel of tongues.  I mean, when you put it that way, it sounds disgusting, but bear with me here.  The Sqweel 2 is an improvement over the original design in that it features 30% more power and reversible mode.  It’s just so… different.

2. VixSkin Spur: I’ve been dying to get my little hands on a VixSkin dildo after feeling Randy at Sugar The Shop, but I’m a tiny girl.  The Spur is realistically shaped, with a nice looking g-spot or p-spot curve.  After my little run in with Raptor, I’ve come to realize that I need to set my sights a little bit thinner.

3. Vibratex Mystic Wand: Ooh, a wand-style vibrator that doesn’t weigh as much as I do?  With a head made of real silicone?  That’s supposedly not as loud as the people outside my house with a jackhammer at 8am?  Sign me the hell up.

4. Liberator Wedge: While more of a position assister than a sex toy, I can’t keep myself away from the idea of having my very own (purple) Liberator Wedge.  Boringly, my favorite position is a modification of missionary, with my legs at crazy angles because I’m secretly part circus performer.  This usually is achieved with 2 pillows under my butt.  The problem with pillows is that I put my face on them for approximately 8 hours a day.  Ergo, the Liberator Wedge.


Lazy Monsoon Sunday

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It’s been another working Sunday in the Marvelous Darling household.  For me, anyway – boyfriend’s been home, rats have all been home (that’s right – all – more on that soon).  It was a super slow day at the shop, but I did get to work with a coworker I don’t see much so catching up was lots of fun!

Without further ado…

& I know this will shock you, but Sarah Von of Yes & Yes wrote another post about travel.  (If you don’t know Sarah, shame on you.  But she travels like a BAMF.)

Kira of Her New Leaf made a beautiful freebie wallpaper to share, both for your desktop and your smartphone!

Sarah of SillyGrrl (how many Sarahs blog? Seriously, about half of us.) posted a rad how-to on fake eyelashes.  Since she’s an acrobat/circus performer/professional glamorous athlete, I was psyched to see her sharing her knowledge with us ground-bound mortals!


I also have something to discuss with you.  One of my favorite sex bloggers and sex toy reviewers, Epiphora, chooses to remain anonymous.  Presumably, she has a job and a life and relationships that are mostly or wholly disconnected from her online persona and success.  I decided to embrace the field as my choice for my career, my blog, and what I hope to be my future business.  Do you think I’ve completely screwed myself for later in life, or do you think I’m building what I want: a relationship as an informed and at least semi-professional sex blogger and aspiring educator?