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CatalystCon East, 2013

By On March 21, 2013

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I spent Thursday through Sunday in Arlington, VA, and Washington, DC, for CatalystCon. So, what is CatalystCon? CatalystCon is an awesome conference held on the East and West coasts for sex educators of all kinds. I saw everyone from Tristan Taormino to college freshmen, and everyone was there to talk about…


I’m Actually Having a Lazy Sunday

By On October 28, 2012

It’s probably because the world is ending with Frankenstorm.  I’m actually having a Lazy Sunday.  I was given a random Sunday off, and I desperately needed it.  This week kicked my ass, and ended with Steve and me (dressed as Prince and a Playboy Bunny) singing karaoke at a local bar (“Darling Nikki” and “Oops… I Did It Again”, if you were wondering)….


Ask Me Anything

By On October 17, 2012

This isn’t part of a link-up or a meme, but rather something I’m hoping to make a semi-regular (read: every few months) feature.   I’m looking for your questions about: Toys and lubes. Personal health care (testing, best lube/lotion/potion for ___, bath & beauty). Porn, including porn and relationships. Relationships and dating. Mental health and sexuality.   I don’t want…

Sex & Toys

Mini Wish List: Toys Edition

By On September 12, 2012

I really want to know: What’s on your wishlist? Since starting my job at Adam & Eve Pittsburgh, I’ve added a fair few items to my personal arsenal of all things fun: the Lelo Mia, Sportsheets Cuffs and Tethers, the Sportsheets Doggie Style Strap, the WeVibe II, a decent non-vibing cockring, Lelo Ella…  You get the point. But still, it’s like…


Lazy Monsoon Sunday

By On August 5, 2012

It’s been another working Sunday in the Marvelous Darling household.  For me, anyway – boyfriend’s been home, rats have all been home (that’s right – all – more on that soon).  It was a super slow day at the shop, but I did get to work with a coworker I don’t see much so catching up was lots of fun! Without further…