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I’m 23, and (Almost) Everyone Still Likes Me.

By On November 6, 2013

I never really did like Blink-182. (Sorry, Alicia.)   Yesterday, I went shopping for some birthday presents. For myself, as one does. And literally everything I picked out was black, yellow, or a combination of the two. For those not in the know, I’m from Pittsburgh, much like Wiz Khalifa, and you know what it is. I definitely find myself…


Little by Little

By On July 24, 2013

It feels like this entire wedding/moving process is taking forever, but it’s really coming up fast. The wedding is 16 days away, and we still need: a bow tie for him, shoes for me, and wedding bands for both of us. We’re thinking of going the Etsy route for bands, and I guess we need to make up our minds,…



By On September 21, 2012

It’s been a long while since I’ve shared photos from my Instagram feed, and I kind of miss seeings some visuals on this blog!  I try not to post too many toy pics in case any of you read at work or in public, but I swear, my life involves many other things besides sex products! Beautiful days in Pittsburgh…

Personal & Advice


By On August 10, 2012

Happy Friday!  I’d like to introduce you all to the newest members of my family: Henry, Lionel, and Malcolm, from back to front. Last Friday, we headed out to one of the faraway southern suburbs to pick out a trio of babies from the Pittsburgh Rat Lovers Club.  Recently, they’d had an influx of beebs, which of course led to…

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Why I Don’t Go to Shows

By On July 12, 2012

Most people think it’s just because I’m grumpy and like to be able to sit down whenever I please.  And while they are correct, there is a much more reasonable explanation: I accidentally Carrie Bradshawed my way through Pittsburgh, so large gatherings of 20-something hipsters aren’t a safe place for me. Last night, Steve took me to see the Dirty…