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By On May 16, 2013

Last week, I posted a link to, along with a simple explanation of what they do. Today, I want to get deeper into that, since I’m proud to be part of the Blog Carnival! So what is Dildology? In their own words… “The sex toy industry is on the rise, yet it remains largely unregulated. intends to…

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Leaving Adult Retail

By On May 4, 2013

After almost exactly a year, I’m leaving adult retail (for now).  I’m not really sure if or when I’ll get back into it.  Obviously, I’m not done with the industry.  I have a lot of reviews to catch up on, and I don’t plan to quit reviewing any time soon.  But I could not be more burnt out from answering…

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What’s the Buzz? Part 1

By On February 11, 2012

So when is this whole sex-positive thing going to come into play?  Right now. What’s the Buzz? will be a series of posts, likely interrupted by other posts on other topics, about choosing a vibrator.  We’re going to look at materials, types of vibrators, and companies/vendors.  By the end, I’ll have a decently comprehensive list of toys that should please…