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Burlesque Toy Shop: A Crowdfunding Campaign Worth Donating To

By On August 2, 2014

As you’ve no doubt noticed, crowdfunding campaigns have exploded in the last couple of years. I’ve seen some pretty ridiculous ones, honestly. But this? This is absolutely necessary, and I want to see them get every. single. cent. Burlesque Toy Shop is an independent retailer focused on bringing only quality toys to consumer’s bedrooms. Everything they stock is body safe,…

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Philly is Sexational!

By On August 27, 2013

Over the weekend, because my partner was going to an academic conference, I had the awesome opportunity to visit Caitlin from Sex-ational! My prior experiences in Philly had been nice, but spent entirely with an ex boyfriend, so it was fun to reclaim the city a little bit. Until the last 12 hours, it was a fantastic trip – but…