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Penchant Premium Silicone Lube

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Special thanks to my Aloe friend Bulbasaur for assisting with my Penchant photo shoot. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to photograph while things, especially bottles. What is Penchant? Penchant is, as the full name suggests, a premium silicone lubricant. The designation of "Premium" here is two-fold: First, Penchant also makes a water-based lube called Penchant ...

Grease Your Gears: Lube 201

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To the average person, all lube seems pretty much the same, right? You go into the pharmacy, or maybe the grocery store, and head to the “family planning” aisle. They might have some KY Gellee, Astroglide, maybe Durex or Wet. You might see a flavor or two, or a bottle marked “premium”. But how do ...

Sliquid: The Lube to End All Lubes

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Discount code at bottom of entry! You’ve probably seen me mention Sliquid before, or at least I hope you have.  They’re hands down my favorite lubricant company, and in my opinion, make the best and safest lubes on the market. If you’ve never tried a lubricant before, I really encourage it.  It’s not for people with a “problem”.  Your ...