Lazy Finals Sunday

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Is it finals week for anyone else?  I know ours is pretty early (and freakin’ full of bomb threats already), but I’m so excited to be done.  I have an exam tomorrow at 8am, my creative writing portfolio is due tomorrow at noon, I may have to take another exam Wednesday, and I have a Shakespeare paper due Thursday.  Can someone please remind me why I decided to take a lit class and a writing class?  ‘Cause I forget.

& I love Danielle @ Sometimes Sweet’s Tattoo Tuesdays, and I think this one has been my favorite so far!  Katie from Skunkboy Creatures is super talented, gorgeous, and her tattoos are sublime.  I get intense ink cravings just glancing at her photos!

& Have I blogged about my love for Caitlin of Healthy Tipping Point yet?  First of all, she’s rad and self employed (!).  Second, she has the cutest baby bump ever (!!).  And third, she always has interesting content, whether it’s something I never knew about fitness, pregnancy, being a writer (!!!), or cooking, she updates a few times a day and it’s ALWAYS worth a read.

& Are you sick of me linking to posts about iPhone apps?  ME NEITHER.  (If you are, just move along to the next ampersand – did you know that’s what “&” symbols are called!?)  This one over at Life Sans Serif short and oh-so-sweet.

& Speaking of ampersands… Amy at A is for Ampersand had a fantastic guest post this week about breaking up with the mall.  That’s right – no more brand-new shopping.  Julie from We So Thrifty wrote about her decision to take the plunge and why she hasn’t really felt the tug to go back.

Alright, my lovelies.  I need to go buy rat litter, eat dinner with the fam, and then immerse myself in Money and Banking (which is way less fun than it sounds because it doesn’t actually involve being covered in currency).  Catch you tomorrow after I’m done hyperventilating!

Love, love, love and marvelousness,


Excitement and End of Semester Blues

Pretties and handsome gents!

It’s been a crazy-ass time over here.  I had a dog for a couple of days last week, and in tomorrow’s Instagrams post (look forward to it! …please?), you’ll see a lot of the little cutiepie.  I was alerted to more than 50 bomb threats because I go to the amazing University of Pittsburgh, which is currently being straight-up terrorized.  I made a glittery iPhone case which I’m considering selling in my own online boutique this summer (!).  And last but not least, I’ve been hit hard by end of semester blues and highs.

Can we go ahead and share our semester lows and highs?  Join me in the comments, please!



Lazy Sunday Linkasaurus

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Hi pretties.

I’m actually on top of things this Sunday!  Well, I’m on top of being lazy.  That’s the best kind of thing to be on top of, right?  That’s a dangerous thing to say on a sex-positive blog, huh?  Whatever.  You enjoy a good lazy Sunday in bed and you know it.

& First up, we have an amazing DIY tutorial from Camille Styles on how to make your own custom cork stopper for when you’re Poppin’ Bottles!  (Poppin’ Bottles is also the name of her post, and she gets so many Marvelous points for that.)

& I’m kind of obsessed with The Fitnessista right now.  I can’t for the life of me remember how I stumbled upon her blog, but I’m absolutely loving her positive attitude about health and wellness!  She’s a personal trainer, a mum, and she makes amazing, healthy meals for which she shares the often simple recipes.  Brilliant.

& At some point, I would really, really like to take this e-course on achieving your creative dream job from Elsie and Emma of Red Velvet.

& If you’ve been a Marvelous Darling reader for a long time, you might remember my old, old post about nail polish.  Well, the cat’s out of the bag now: I freaking love nail polish.  Glitter polish, matte polish, shiny polish, sheer polish, opaque polish.  If someone sung me a nail polish version of “Soft Kitty” before bedtime, I would be heaven. If you want to learn how to make your own glitter nail polish, head on over to Lexy Levin’s tutorial – I’ll see you there, all glitterfabulous!

& Have you gotten Paper’d yet?  No?  Why not?  Don’t you like free, professionally designed iPhone wallpapers?  Yeah.  They’re super pretty.  I have one on my phone now, and while I’m still rocking a 3G (that’s right, not a 3GS – I got mad 3G swag over here), my phone looks like a million bucks.  So if you want some, go get some.

& I kind of want to marry Kira for the Primp My Blog section of her site, Her New Leaf.  No, but seriously.  If you’re new to blogging, or if you need a little sprucing, go check her out!

& …and while we’re on the subject, go check out her post about her favorite iPhone apps! I had no idea half of these existed and I’m super excited to try out Hipstamatic Disposable!

I hope you’re enjoying a lazy or productive Sunday, my loves.  See you later!

Safe & sexy,