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Life Lately

After two weeks of medication, I am definitely on the upswing. Life is not super easy right now, working two jobs and trying really hard to pay bills and parking tickets, but at least I can get out of bed/the house now and bring myself to regularly dress like I’ve got somewhere to go. I’m so freaking grateful that I’ve received so much awesome support in the last few weeks, from people like Caitlin, Sugarcunt, the Redhead Bedhead, and even my partner’s mom.

Kennywood Black Widow

Saturday May 25th at Kennywood, a Pittsburgh staple. This is the Black Widow, which you could not pay me enough to ride.

This past Thursday, one of my dear friends moved to Albany, NY, with her boyfriend. She’s the one in the green towards the right, pictured above, next to the superblonde (another close friend, shout-out guuurl). I’m super sad about her leaving. She and I lived together last summer and have been through a lot together, but I hope she finds success up in New York. Also, her apartment looks rad so I’m kind of jealous. It has a gym! In the complex! What is this, adulthood!?

Steve and I are gearing up to get the final word on our future. We should have all the necessary information early next week, and I’m hesitant to share too much before that happens. He’s been told to consider it set in stone, but being as cautious as he is, I certainly don’t want to jinx it for him! (Unless I’m Jinkx Monsoon-ing it. Bad joke? I’m going through Drag Race withdrawal.)

I have a couple new projects I’d like to start, but I’ve noticed a curious phenomenon. After working a 4-6 hour shift at Chipotle (yup, second job), I am totally freaking exhausted. Like, sit on the couch and watch 4 episodes of How I Met Your Mother exhausted. God, give me strength. I want to learn to code and design WordPress layouts (I have basic HTML, CSS and Photoshop skills), sell some old clothes on Instagram, and make an effort to blog 2-3x per week. Finally, my ambition is returning!

How has your life been lately? 

Lazy Sunday After a Decidedly Nonlazy Week

It was a long-ass week.  Like, last night I did tequila shots, whiskey on the rocks, and beer, while watching strangers sing karaoke, and I don’t remember leaving the bar at all.  It was exactly what I needed.  (And we walked, in case you were concerned about my driving and inebriation habits.)

Last weekend, I missed Lazy Sunday because I had adopted a dog the prior Wednesday.  Dogs are an adorable little timesuck.  Unfortunately, Sunday night I had a grand-scale, terrifying asthma and allergy explosion brought on by the dog.  Luckily for all of us, he was an adorable Pomeranian mix, so despite having to go back to the shelter, he found a new home right away.  So we’ll see, maybe once we’re settled in a new city, Steve and I will consider trying to find a Bichon to adopt, since I know those little dudes don’t set my allergies off, or we may just enjoy having small furries for the time being.

Despite how behind I am on blog reading – my plan is to catch up on schoolwork on Monday and use Tuesday to blog plan and read – I was able to find some pretty exciting content for this week’s post.  Thank God for other bloggers having their shit together, because this semester, I sure don’t.

I love looking at Keiko Lynn’s weekly Instagram recap.  Partly because she’s gorgeous, and partly because I like to live vicariously through her.

Kaelah got married yesterday!  I’ve been keeping up with her wedding prep, and I’m just so excited for her, Mike, and little Toby.  I just with Georgia and Pip had been in the ceremony. ;)

Have you heard about The Totally Awesome Blog Hop?  I’m going to need to participate in this!

Carmen posted a recipe for Fideo, which is apparently Mexican pasta.  I was skeptical, but after looking at the photos and the ingredient list, I think I’m gonna be a Mexican pasta convert.

& Epiphora’s 4th Blogiversary is complete with a mega-giveaway: fifteen prizes.  FIFTEEN.  And they’re all items that she personally endorses, so you know this stuff is good.  Go enter!



It’s been a long while since I’ve shared photos from my Instagram feed, and I kind of miss seeings some visuals on this blog!  I try not to post too many toy pics in case any of you read at work or in public, but I swear, my life involves many other things besides sex products!

Beautiful days in Pittsburgh make me a little sad that, come next summer, we’ll be moving to wherever Steve gets hired!

Nathaniel is adamant that I don’t properly clean my nails and frequently takes matters into his own hands.

I took my sparkly legs out on the town with some of my best friends from high school.

Steve models our new bed: 1 full plus 1 twin.  There’s no such thing as too much bed.

Really though, my life is about 96% rats and bearded man.

…and sometimes we use the blowtorch to light toys on fire, you know, to see if they’re pure silicone. (The Doc Johnson Mood: Naughty? Not silicone.)

Be still, my heart!  Nathan Fillion, marry me.

The most perfect shirt in the history of the world.


Add me on Instagram!  My username is “nicetobelieve”.  What’s yours?


Long-Overdue Instagram LIfe

I haven’t posted pictures from Instagram in at least a month, maybe two!  I hope you’ve missed them as much as I have.  I’ve been posting regularly on Twitter and Instagram itself, but they haven’t made it to my blog in a while.  (If you want to keep up with me, you can find me on IG @nicetobelieve!)

My dad’s an architect and sometimes likes to design and build model buildings.  This one is my favorite!

Page Dairy Mart!  If you’re ever in Pittsburgh, I seriously recommend grabbing some ice cream.  They have crazy soft serve flavors and the most amazing sundaes ever.

Blogger cliche #1,956,783: Froyo and toppings, shot from above.  So good.  Every bite.  Taro yogurt, raspberries, mochi, and graham cracker crumbs.

Every time I go into Madewell, I just leave wanting all of the things.

No Instagram post is complete without a shot of the fluffy pup, Dmitri!

Shrimp fajitas from Mad Mex?  Yes, please.  I was kind of shocked by how excellent they were as leftovers the next day.  College kid working 8 hour retail shifts win.

The flowers outside of my parents’ house attract the most adorable bumbly bees.  I can’t get enough!

Steve and I have taken to laying on his roof and watching the sunset, sometimes with dinner in hand.

Share your Instagram username so we can be friends!

Sick & Lazy Sunday

Hi darlings,

So apparently retail is a danger to your health and well-being.  Not like, shopping, but working in retail.  But actually, it’s probably just my weak-ass immune system, which essential works about 70% of the time.  If there’s something going around, I will come down with it.  My throat hurts like the dickens.

Luckily for you, this means I’ve had plenty of time to sit in bed looking for Sunday links!  Hoorah!

Throwback: This guest post by Kyla Roma on My Girl Thursday was one of the first posts I read about starting a blog and how to do it your way.

&  As you probably know, I love all things Instagram.  I’m an Instawhore.  Ergo, I was completely giddy when Gala posted Ten Ways to Make Your Instagram Photos Pop, because Gala ‘grams with the best of ‘em.

&  I’m always freaking out over being “an adult” – mind you, I have a Hello Kitty toaster and received an Easter basket this year – and the blog Adulting makes it so much easier.  If you feel underprepared to be an adult, go.  There are tons of tips on everyday things life throws at you that you will need to take care of because mum & dad are no longer responsible for you.

&  Stela always posts amazing tutorials on her blog Stelabird; one of my favorites is this zippered mini pouch.  Also, she’s a small business owner, so she automatically gets +500 cool points.

&  Have you been following Sarah’s 6 Weeks to a Better Blog series?  I’m addicted!


I think the rest of today will be spent cleaning and shopping at H&M.  I’m in major need of some new summer dresses and skirts, and I’ve noticed that my old clothes just don’t fit my body like they used to.  Instead of cramming myself into them and feeling awkward and guilty, I think I’m going to try shopping for my new hips instead.  (I gained about 7lb this year, and it all settled on the hips, boobs, and butt… I’m counting myself lucky!)  Anyone else in need of a seasonal wardrobe update?




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