L’Amourose Prism V: In Which I Listen to My Body

The L’Amourose Prism V deeply confuses me. Not because I don’t like it, but because it took everything I thought I knew about how I liked my vibrations and upended them completely.

LAmourose Prism V vibrator rechargeable luxury

Normally, I’m a fan of relatively pinpoint vibrations. I would actually say that “fingertip vibrations” is more accurate. The Crave Vesper would be far too pinpoint for me, while most wands are far too broad. My sweet spot is usually the tips of G-spot or clitoral vibrators (think We-Vibe Touch, LELO Siri 2, or Mona 2).

So imagine my surprise when I find myself totally getting off to the side of the insertable head! Not the tip. Not inserted. Nopety-nope. At some point, I had turned the Prism V onto its side. And it was totally blowing my mind.

Prism V versus Rosa

Let’s compare the two L’Amourose models that I own: Prism V and Rosa.

Physically: Prism V has a smaller maximum diameter, a more pronounced curve, and a thinner neck. While Rosa has two motors (one in the shaft, one in the base), Prism V has only one. As a result, Rosa is a bit rumblier and provides clitoral stimulation for some users. And, of course, Prism V has a handle while Rosa has a flat base. This means that while Rosa was suitable for anal, Prism V is not. Both are submersible and are made with the same lusciously smooth silicone.

Settings: Because Rosa has two motors, it has 7 modes (you can use either motor independently or have them alternate) while Prism V has 5. They both have 12 intensities of vibration. Turned all the way up, even I am hard pressed to distinguish between the two when holding them in my hands.

Cost: At SheVibe, the Prism V costs $99 while Rosa goes for $159. You can also get the Prism V from Lovehoney.com for $124.99, or Lovehoney.co.uk for £94.99.

My Experience with the Prism V

For the past couple months, orgasms have been hit or miss and it seems to depend on a variety of factors: Hormones, toys, the direction of the wind… I couldn’t – and still can’t – really pinpoint it. What I do know is that the Prism V gave me two good, strong orgasms on consecutive days.

The first day, I was already primed when I pulled out the Prism V. I was lost in thought when I suddenly wondered why it felt so much better this time than it did during any of my previous testings. I looked down and realized I had shifted my grip on the toy’s handle such that the buttons were facing to my right, rather than facing my belly.

At first, I “corrected” the positioning. It didn’t take long to realize that my body had been right all along. I twisted it back to its weird side position and helloooooo there! Yes! Finally! A long, strong orgasm, the likes of which I hadn’t reliably felt in months.

The second day, I was really genuinely surprised I was able to orgasm at all. Sometimes if it takes longer than 30 minutes, my clit and my brain just give up. They’re out. They want to move on to a more literal interpretation of Netflix & chill. But no, this time I cranked up the power, freed my mind, and the rest did follow.

Let this be a lesson: I need to experiment with unorthodox toy usage1 more often.

Is It a Case of The Rumbles?

Both Prism V and Rosa are more rumbly than the Mona 2. For many reviewers and customers, this means they are automatically better. For me personally, rumblier is not always better. Here’s a surprising thing: The We-Vibe Rave, which is probably the rumbliest vibrator that I own, is actually too much rumble for me personally.

So, in my clit’s opinion, the Prism V is actually just the right level of rumbly. It’s enough to carry the vibration through the internal arms of the clit, but it isn’t so rumbly that it completely forgoes that light tickle feeling that just a hint of buzz provides.

Bottom Line

I love this thing. If you’re going to buy a luxury vibrator and you want something that’s multi-purpose, body-safe, well-made, and is more reasonably priced than anything in LELO’s lineup… Go for the Prism V. You can score yours from SheVibe, Lovehoney.com, or Lovehoney.co.uk.


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The Prism V was provided to me by L’Amourose in exchange for a fair and honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

  1. Stay safe! Nothing without a base belongs in your butt.

Lovehoney Desire Luxury G-Spot Vibrator

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Lovehoney Desire Gspot vibrator rechargeable luxury

Lovehoney Desire: Luxury Line, Approachable Price

If you’re not too familiar with Lovehoney, you might not know that the sex toy giant has a few of their own toy lines, including Lovehoney Desire. Generally speaking, their house lines are more affordable but aim to provide similar levels of quality to what you’d find with a known brand. If you’re a makeup junkie, you might compare the Desire line to the Sephora Collection.

The entire Desire line is made of velvety purple silicone, is rechargeable, and is waterproof. They also come with really nice, subtle zippered cases for easy travel and storage. In my opinion, this is way better than another satin carrying bag! I know it drives up production costs, but I would love to see more companies employ this idea.

Because this is the only Desire toy that I own, I can’t speak to the sizes of the other cases; but, the case that came with my vibrator is big enough for a couple charging cables and a few toys. If I make it to any conferences this year, I’ll definitely be using this to pack my favorites!

The Specs

I was a little surprised when I first pulled my Desire G-spot vibe from its box. It has a nice heft to it and feels like a well-made, powerful toy. I was expecting it to be lighter, but I actually like how solid it feels in my hand. It’s 8.25 inches long with a diameter of about 1.4 inches.1 It’s sizable, but it’s not too big.

The silicone is firm and there’s really no give to this toy. One thing that’s great about very rigid toys is that they generally conduct vibration like champs. And, in my opinion, it delivers – thanks in part to its dual motor design. In total, it boasts 12 vibration levels and 8 modes. 3 of the modes are just steady vibration utilizing both motors, just the base motor, and just the top motor, respectively. Then there are a handful of patterns that make use of the two separate motors, which are kind of fun.

In Use

When you first turn the toy on, it automatically starts on vibration level 6, with both motors going. For some reason, it took me a few uses to really get the controls down and to realize just how many vibration modes there are.2 But now that I know what this vibrator is capable of, I find the controls to be easy and intuitive. To turn it on or to increase vibration, you press and hold the + button. To change modes, press the O button in the center. And to turn it off or decrease vibration, press the – button. Pretty standard stuff.

It’s probably no surprise, if you’re a regular reader, that I prefer this vibrator clitorally over internally. While it is designed to be a G-spot stimulator, it’s just not the optimal shape for my G-spot. For me, it’s a little bit too thick in some of the wrong places. If you really love somewhat phallic-shaped toys with a slight G-spot curve, then you would probably like this. And while it does have a visible seam, I can’t feel it in use and it seems to make no difference when it’s time to clean it.

So, let’s talk clit.

I find it super easy and comfortable to grip and hold this vibrator for clitoral use. Its vibrations are the kind that my body seems to like a lot: A bit rumblier at very low levels and buzzier as you get to higher speeds.

Now, when I say buzzy, I don’t mean that it’s reminiscent of a cheap plastic bullet. I mean that it’s more surface level, that if you grip the vibrator firmly in your fist on the highest setting, your hand is likely to go a bit numb, as opposed to how rumbly vibrations tend to travel up your limbs and get a bit deeper into your muscle tissue. While I know that rumbly vibrations get a lot of love, they aren’t always the type of vibrations that get me off the easiest. I found it very easy to orgasm on a variety of vibration levels using all 3 of the steady vibration modes that I explained above.

Now, it’s important to note that this vibe is loud. It’s powerful but it’s loud. For me, this isn’t a problem. I live in a pre-war building, and I have to assume that this building made it through the war in large part because of its extremely thick, solid walls. If the toy is turned to its highest steady vibration strength with both motors on, I can hear it in my hall, but I can’t hear it in another room with both doors shut. So, if you’re living in a dorm or in a building with thin walls, this might not be a great choice for you.

Should I buy it?

The Lovehoney Desire G-Spot Vibrator is a solid choice for a lot of people. You can use it internally against your G-spot, or externally against the clitoris. It’s made of a body-safe material that’s easy to clean.3 It’s strong, but it also allows you to start low and slow if you’re not used to vibration or if you like to work your way through a long, leisurely tease session. And, it comes with a great case.

For $85 (or £54.99), I think it’s a great value if you have that kind of cash to splash.


Many thanks to Lovehoney for providing me with the Desire G-Spot Vibrator in exchange for my honest review! Purchasing through the links above helps keep Marvelous-Darling.com online and running smoothly. Please clear your cookies before shopping!

  1. The head isn’t perfectly rounded, so it was hard to get a measurement that would accurately reflect that.
  2. I’m a cocky reviewer and I don’t generally read manuals unless I’m struggling to understand a toy. Clearly, it’s a problematic habit.
  3. My favorite way to clean silicone toys is with dish soap and warm water. Easy peasy.

Review: JeJoue Uma G-spot Vibrator

Thanks to Trystology, I finally got to try a vibrator that’s been on my wishlist for quite a long time: The JeJoue Uma.

Uma is a G-spot vibrator made by the luxury brand JeJoue. You might know JeJoue from their very popular MiMi and MiMi Soft, or from one of their new teledildonic releases, Dua and Nuo. While not as flashy as Dua or Nuo, in my opinion, Uma is a beautiful design with some very well thought out perks.

Uma Gspot

FYI, this is the most advanced piece of photo editing I’ve done in a very long time.

Uma excels in terms of its shape, which is one of the most beautiful and ergonomic that I have in my collection. However, it’s not great for the reasons you might think.

My first impression was that Uma was not one of my strongest vibrators. In terms of sheer strength, it paled in comparison to the L’Amourose Rosa. On the other hand, Rosa is roughly $60 more expensive, which is definitely worth considering. “Swings and roundabouts,” as my beloved former roommate might say.

Upon charging it fully for the second time, I’ve decided that it’s just got a different sort of vibration than what I’m used to. More on that later.

The Experience

As a G-spotter, Uma leaves something to be desired. The curve is just too slight to really hit my G-spot. Additionally, my G-spot requires more pressure, which is only possible with a bigger bulb or a more intense curve.

Luckily, Uma’s shape is still highly usable externally. The long handle/shaft means that I can use Uma in a variety of positions. If you’re plus sized, pregnant, or have certain mobility constraints, designs like Uma can make it easier and more comfortable to reach for self-pleasure.

When it comes to vibration strength and type, I would call Uma something between buzzy and rumbly. The vibrations are strong, but they’re neither very deep (ex: Doxy Wand) nor very surface level (ex: Tenga Iroha Mini). It’s perfectly good – it’s just not my favorite. As for strength, Uma probably won’t work for you if you’re used to Magic Wand intensity, but it’s a huge step up from what’s offered in the mid-range section of most adult stores. In short, it’ll depend on where you’re coming from. Of Uma’s 5 speeds, I mostly used 3 and 4.

Unfortunately for me, Uma’s rounded head makes it very difficult to get anything resembling pinpoint stimulation. I don’t require pinpoint stimulation to have an orgasm, it just makes the process a lot faster. I had a satisfying orgasm each time I used Uma, but it did take a bit longer than with other favorites.

Uma isn’t exactly whisper quiet, but I didn’t find it troublesomely loud, either. I have no doubt that with a closed door and maybe some blankets overtop, no one else in your house would suspect a thing.

The Nitty-Gritty

When it comes to charging, JeJoue opted for a conductive magnetic system. Uma’s + and – buttons are the two magnetic points that connect to the charger. The problem? It’s not the most stable of conductive chargers. I had to finagle it quite a bit to get the charger to work properly and not be easily knocked out of place. On the plus side, this charging method renders Uma pretty gosh-darn waterproof, which is a big plus when it comes time to clean the toy.

As for cleaning, it’s as easy as any other waterproof, silicone vibrator: I recommend dish soap and warm water, but you can also use toy cleaner, a 10% bleach solution, or a body-friendly antimicrobial soap of your choice.

Uma comes in a beautiful box – par for the course with JeJoue – but without a bag to store it in. This is a gripe of mine because, as someone who does a lot of traveling, carrying bags are a necessity. I’m not carrying the decorative box, ok? I’ve only got so much room in my hand luggage.

“Ok, but do I want an Uma?”

As always, reader, that depends!

You might want an Uma if… You’ve found other vibrators too strong in the past, but have also been disappointed to find others far too weak. You prefer neither extremely low and rumbly nor extremely high and surface level vibrations. You want something that’s going to gently stimulate your G-spot because intense stimulation just isn’t for you. You’re coming from the world of $40, AA-battery-operated vibrators and want something a few steps up that’s still to be had for under $120. You’re shopping for your significant other who has never had a sex toy before and wants to try something multi-purpose.

You might not want an Uma if… You’re a power queen. You need intense G-spot stimulation including pressure or rumbly vibrations. You have a strong preference for vibrators that sound and feel like jackhammers. You absolutely require pinpoint stimulation.

Uma costs $110 at Trystology.com. Compared to Mona 2 ($139) and Minna Ola ($165), Uma is just a different sort of G-spot vibrator. When it comes to choosing one, you just have to consider what’s most important to you. If you want something with a gentle G-spot curve and good vibration strength, and if saving $19 appeals to you, Uma. If you need ultimate power for your G-spot or pinpoint clitoral stimulation, Mona 2. If you’re a pattern junkie and you love the tech appeal of Minna’s products, go with the Ola.


Big thanks to Trystology for supplying me with an Uma in exchange for my honest review! This post contains affiliate links, which help support this blog and my lipstick habit.


Minna Ola (Rest in Peace, Burlesque Toy Shoppe)

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If you’re not familiar with Minna Life, you should be. Especially if you’re a fan of small brands and vibrating patterns. They currently have two toys on the market (Minna Ola and Minna Limon) and one in the works (Minna K-Goal). All of their toys use squeezable air pillows to create highly responsive patterns.

Minna Ola vibrator rechargeable

Minna Ola vs. Minna Limon

I own both Ola and Limon, but my preference is definitely for Ola. My problem with Limon was that the vibrations resonated throughout the whole toy. For some people, this is awesome. For me, it was distracting. With Ola, though, that’s not a problem. Ola is a G-spot vibrator with a long neck, so the vibrations don’t transfer all the way down to the squeezable base.

Minna Ola in Use

The unique selling point of Ola is that it responds immediately to your squeezing pressure when it’s in Free Play mode. To my knowledge, it was the first toy to do so, and it does it expertly. If you like a very particular sort of pattern, it’s easy to create something 100% tailored to your exact specifications. If squeezing the entire time you’re using the toy sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry – you can create a pattern (or just a steady vibration level) and lock it.

As a G-spot vibrator, I like it. It’s nice. It hasn’t blown my mind, but my G-spot is very finicky. It may prefer stimulation sans-vibration. We’re still in the getting-to-know-you stage, while my clitoris and I are bosom buddies. Er, vulva buddies. Whatever.

Clitorally, the Minna Ola is great. I love how the shaft functions as a nice long handle. For folks who have trouble easily reaching their vulva and clitoris, this could be a huge selling point. I like being able to easily and instantly adjust the speed without fumbling for a button. I like how strong the vibrations are because of the firmness of the bulb at the end. It’s completely waterproof, making it easy to clean and suitable for shower or bath play. In short, it’s a very, very solid vibrator.

And yet, it’s not one that I reach for constantly. I often pack it when I’m heading on an overnight, when I want the option of internal or external stimulation while keeping my suitcase light. But I can’t help but feel that I’m not the best match for Ola. I like patterns, but I can get off easily without one. I like G-spot stimulation, but the clitoris most often holds the key to my orgasm. Ola, for me, is like a wonderful partner that I just don’t feel I’m completely suited to.

Who’s it for?

Would I recommend the Ola? Unequivocally, especially for people who love patterns, hate buttons, and like to have internal/external options. It’s an amazing toy, and it can give you everything you want (except girth – it’s a relatively modest size). At $149, it’s an investment, but I do believe it’s well made and that they packed enough features in to make it worth that price point. Plus, I loved working with the people from Minna Life when they sent me my Limon. They’re exceedingly pleasant, and that makes a huge difference to me.

Unfortunately, I received the Minna Ola in exchange for a review from Burlesque Toy Shoppe. Burlesque has closed its doors in the wake of an under-funded crowd campaign. Rest in Peace, Burlesque.

You can purchase your own Minna Ola from my friends at Filthy Dirty.

Bbold by Bswish: Bdisappointed

The Bbold by Bswish couldn’t Bworse.


When I initially pulled the Bbold from its – admittedly pretty – packaging, I was excited. It helped a lot that Diddleworks, who sent me the Bbold in exchange for my honest review, included an extra soft storage sack and a lovely postcard. I’m a sucker for a little swag, it’s true. Beyond that, the Bbold had a nice curve and I thought it might be a little bit like the Je Joue Uma, which I’m still hoping to get my hands on.

At first, when I saw the depression on the bottom of the vibrating end, I thought it would be reminiscent of my beloved We-Vibe Touch. It looks like a nice little nook for your clitoris. What I wasn’t so excited about it was that hot pink seam. It’s very, very prominent in person, and in my opinion, really detracts from the luxury claims. If the Bbold were designed only for external use, it would be forgivable, but it’s also intended to function as a G-spot vibe. It’s possible that the texture could be pleasurable for some, but I’m not sure if that was Bswish’s aim or if it’s just a lazy design.


Worse yet, there is absolutely no design insight offered in the manual. The manual is the most generic one they could possibly have included, only including information on how to turn on/off, charge, and clean their toys in general. The bulk of the actual message of the manual appears to be legal ass-coverings. Thanks, BSwish!

So, I started it up. What I will say about this toy is that it came pre-charged. That’s convenient. It means that I don’t have to wait an additional 2-10 hours to love or hate it, y’know?

When I first turned it on, I was impressed and I felt a little relieved. It’s loud, and shakes quite a bit, so at first I thought it was strong. Unfortunately, it’s just buzzy. It’s very, very buzzy. In fact, when I wrap my hand around the unit, the vibration is almost completely dampened, making it all but useless internally, especially on the highest straight vibration setting. (There are 3 levels of straight vibration and 4 patterns. I can’t be arsed with patterns.) I thought that maybe I was exaggerating and didn’t want to needlessly knock a toy, so I grabbed the nearest pair of hands that doesn’t mind touching my goodies and asked him.

“Ok, hold this one in your right hand and this one in your left,” I instructed, holding out the Mona 2 and Bswish Bbold, both turned to their highest power setting. “Which one feels stronger? Can you still feel vibration in both?”

Uhhhhh…” My husband is actually Tina Belcher. “Yeah, this one is a lot stronger. I can’t really feel the vibrations in the other one.” A relatively impartial layman agrees: The Bswish Bbold, well, Bweak.

All told, sometimes my clit is alright with buzzy vibrations. It’s not nearly as picky as my G-spot, but it’s getting a bit more crotchety (pun very much intended) the longer I review. Going into my first test, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I tried using just the very tip on low power to mimic how I start off with the Mona 2, but that wasn’t enough. I tried the divot, on both low and medium power, and that wasn’t doing it either. I turned it all the way up, and realized that the high power combined with the buzzy vibration actually made for less powerful vibration strength than a lower setting. Also, you have to cycle through every vibration function if you find you don’t like the one you just turned on. That’s not a characteristic of “premium” vibrators, Bswish. Frustrated, I threw it aside and reached for something else.

For weeks, I tried using it during warm-ups. It was one of those vibrators that felt alright, but just not good enough. I always ended up reaching for my Mona 2 or my original We-Vibe Touch. Finally, my husband persuaded me to just try using the Bbold, without anything else, “for science. You owe it to your public!”

Again, I tried the tip on low power. With a little concentration, it felt alright. The tip on medium power was nice, and I felt like I was marginally close to an orgasm a couple of times. But that just went on and on. I tried once again to use it at full power, but it became significantly less pleasurable, at which point I loudly sighed and cycled back through to medium. Tediousness is the enemy of orgasmic energy.

I’m telling you, I could. Not. Come. Could not. There was no orgasming happening here, friends. And thus, the end of an era. I can no longer get off with poorly made vibrators.

I maintain that cheapness isn’t the deciding factor. I’m not going to automatically like something because it’s $130, or dislike something else because it’s $23. It has everything to do with build quality, which is not the same across brands even in the same price category.

Bswish’s brand is split into three categories: Classic, Deluxe, and Premium. The Bbold is part of the premium line and costs $73. Knowing this, I have to assume that Bswish prioritizes looking like a luxury brand over performing like a luxury brand.

Overall, I can’t recommend the Bbold. It’s buzzy, loud, and in my opinion, poorly designed. I do, however, recommend you check out Diddleworks. The site design is neat and minimalist, their customer service is great, and their selection is wonderfully body-safe. Plus, they have a kick-ass name.

In other news, please check this amazing giveaway organized by the Redhead Bedhead to benefit a dear friend of hers undergoing cancer treatment. What could possibly be better than kicking cancer’s ass and having the chance to score some great prizes?!