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Lazy Sunday (x2)

By On August 26, 2012

Ladies and gents, I realized that I totally forgot to get my Lazy on last Sunday, so I’m trying to really beef up the content for you today.  It’s going to be a bit of a mish-mash, but I’m planning some specific content areas for link posts in the very near future! & If you like Katrina Tan of Pugly Pixel,…


Lazy… Monday?

By On July 2, 2012

Better late than never?  I had a crazy day yesterday, starting with an 11-5 shift at work, and ending with me passing out at midnight (even though I was supposed to pick the boyfriend from the airport at 3am).  Oops.  Don’t worry, I’m taking him out tonight and plying him with tequila. And here are some things I hope you’ll…


Busy Sunday!

By On April 29, 2012

M’dears. I had a very, very busy Sunday at the cafe!  It started innocently enough, with a fresh cinnamon scone and a big cup of whole milk (which you totally can’t beat – sorry, Mom, I know you raised me to drink skim!).  I arrived an hour early and spent the hour trying to catch up on all of the…