Lazy Sunday (x2)

Ladies and gents,

I realized that I totally forgot to get my Lazy on last Sunday, so I’m trying to really beef up the content for you today.  It’s going to be a bit of a mish-mash, but I’m planning some specific content areas for link posts in the very near future!

If you like Katrina Tan of Pugly Pixel, and if you think she’s a bit of a visual genius like I do, you’ll love her guest post on A Beautiful Mess: Tips for Laying out Blog Posts.

& I recently found Erin of and have to admit that her post on how to create an affordable home gym is just what I needed right now.

& Code It Pretty is a fantastic resource for all bloggers that are relatively new to design.  There are some Blogger-specific tutorials, but many involve universal concepts, like button creation and how to make more visually pleasing images.  (More kudos to Pugly Pixel – I found Code It Pretty through Katrina’s blog!)

Shannyn of Frugal Beautiful is moving back to sunny California after spending two years in Chicago, and she wants to share what she learned during her time in the Windy City.  (Also, she has a rescued pug, so you should go look at him.)

& Kaelah of Little Chief Honeybee is well known as a lifestyle and frugal fashion blogger, a photographer, a web designer, and a small-business owner, but did you know she also makes a mean cocktail?

& Not in the mood for anything alcoholic?  You should try making Kyla Roma’s Chilly Chai from Scratch!  It’s not a hard recipe at all, and you’ll have pitchers for what you would have paid for a large from Starbucks.



Lazy… Monday?

Better late than never?  I had a crazy day yesterday, starting with an 11-5 shift at work, and ending with me passing out at midnight (even though I was supposed to pick the boyfriend from the airport at 3am).  Oops.  Don’t worry, I’m taking him out tonight and plying him with tequila.

And here are some things I hope you’ll love this week:

& Caitlin of Healthy Tipping Point linked to this amazing recipe for banana soft serve.  I say “amazing recipe” when really it involves bananas in a food processor but really, who would have thought?  I want to mix up some bananas and mixed berries – I think that sounds like heaven.  Plus, it’s both raw and vegan!

Mandi of Making Nice in the Midwest posted a lovely post titled Blogging Wisdom and a Fresh Start – I think many of us could use one or the other!  (Full disclosure: I found her post via another blogger’s weekly links – it might have been Kaelah or Sarah Von.)

Frugal Doesn’t Mean Cheap.  I hope I’ve linked to some of Shannyn’s content before, because her blog Frugal Beautiful is phenomenal!

Erin of Hammock Pack had a fantastic idea: she started her own subscription box company based on “staycations” – she sends the R&R right to your door!  I will definitely be signing up for one of her boxes.  (Found via Kaelah Bee.)

& I think it’s a distinct possibility that Roxy has one of the coolest lives ever.  Gators and Roller Derby??  Sign me up!

Have you heard of Gadchick yet?  If you’ve ever been frustrated by how male-dominated the tech industry can be, and if you’re sick people trying to sell you a camera because “it’s pink!!1”, then you need  to check them out!  You can find the past two issues of their magazine free for download here.


Grab some tea or coffee and enjoy your monday!  I’ll be back later this week!

Busy Sunday!

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I had a very, very busy Sunday at the cafe!  It started innocently enough, with a fresh cinnamon scone and a big cup of whole milk (which you totally can’t beat – sorry, Mom, I know you raised me to drink skim!).  I arrived an hour early and spent the hour trying to catch up on all of the lovely blogs I frequent and petting a dog named Anna Nicole who belongs to a rather eccentric regular customer.  You know, the usual.

After combing this week’s crop of new blog posts, I’ve found some gems for you!

& Adalou’s Wear Ware Where series is short and sweet and lovely!

& What type are you?

& Moorea Seal’s Paint Your Love series is simply beautiful and inspirational.  Some of them are tough to read – she’s very honest and open, but if you want personal and ultimately uplifting posts, you should be heading straight there.

&  Elise’s posts on her visual blog Pennyweight are just gorgeous.  I love the post she did recently showcasing silk scarves, as I’m a huge scarf fan.

& Shannyn over at Frugal Beautiful has it together.  I’m loving her blog right now, especially because I’m trying to get my finances under control without totally killing my social life (or, admittedly, my love for Qdoba).

& Victoria of Batzy (her shop and blog) is a girl after my own heart: she has a whole series of What’s in My Bag? posts!


PS: I have a mini interview tomorrow for a job I think I’d really like.  It’s part time and retail but it would be amazing experience.  Keep your fingers crossed, wouldya?