Facebook, Ahoy

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I'm happy to announce that you can now find Marvelous Darling on Facebook! Thanks to Kira's rad Primp My Blog features, soon you'll have access to exclusive Marvelous Darling content on our Facebook page.  My plans for the Facebook page are to provide Facebook exclusive content, grow my readership, stay better connected to my readers, and maybe even host a few giveaways once I get this ball rolling! So please, join me on Facebook to keep up with all things Marvelous, darling!

Instagrams of My Daily Life

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Hi pretties. It's time for more Instagrams!  I really can't get enough of this app, as you've probably noticed.  I keep forgetting to include this, but if you want to follow me, you can find me at "nicetobelieve".  I would be thrilled! This is my friend Alicia's guinea pig, Barney.  We became bffls last night, and he cuddled with me for about forty minutes.  I got lots of guinea pig kisses, and now I'm kind of addicted to these little dudes! Dice nails!  I just felt like doing something kind of silly on my nails instead of my standard sparkles. This was my view ...

Post ALL of the Instagrams!

Hi pretty things and handsome gents!  ...on the off chance any handsome gents read this blog.  Oh, please, let there be handsome gents under the age of 30 who don't think this shit cray!  Ahhem. I come bearing Instagrams of My Daily Life, even more than usual.  I hope this isn't boring for anyone else - personally, I love looking through people's daily life photos, even moreso than the pretty inspiration photos on a lot of blogs.  They're just so real, it makes me feel like a blogger's life is attainable.   When it's been a long week and I just need to ...