Tag, You’re ALL It!

Hi pretties.

I was tagged by my lovely friend Kasia at Koju bofu to complete the “versatile blogger award” post.  Thank you, Kasia!!

Share 7 things (that possibly no one knows) about you:

1. Despite working in a coffee shop, I generally prefer tea to coffee.  Earl grey with milk is my favorite breakfast drink.

2. My favorite album is Death Cab’s Plans, and yes, I do like it better than Transatlanticism (and if you do too, we should definitely be friends).

3. I prefer shooting with my Canon A-1 (which is a film camera from the 1970s) over my digital SLR, but I can’t really afford to develop and print rolls of film regularly.

4. I want to adopt a couple of shelter cats as soon as I can, and I’ve already picked out a couple of names for them.

5. I have a little bit of a penchant for slightly tacky, gaudy things.  Right now, I have my eye on a metallic gold crocodile-print iPhone case.

6. For the first season and a half of Mad Men, I really liked Betty Draper.  Joan is my favorite, though.  I know you’re really supposed to like Peggy, but I think she’s a little overrated.

7. It took me two days to write this post because I’m a hot mess right now because of school hahaha.

Share with 15 other bloggers  I actually want my followers to participate!  If you want to, please leave your response in the comments section!  I’d love to see your 7 facts. 🙂

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