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Tag, You’re ALL It!

By On March 27, 2012

Hi pretties. I was tagged by my lovely friend Kasia at Koju bofu to complete the “versatile blogger award” post.  Thank you, Kasia!! Share 7 things (that possibly no one knows) about you: 1. Despite working in a coffee shop, I generally prefer tea to coffee.  Earl grey with milk is my favorite breakfast drink. 2. My favorite album is Death…


A Little Analog Photography for Your Wednesday

By On March 7, 2012

Hi pretties. Today, I took my old Canon A-1, loaded up some 400 speed Fuji Xperia film, snapped on my 28mm lens, and took a very short walk around my neighborhood. What do you think?  Have you ever taken pictures with an old film SLR?  What about a lomo camera?