My Thoughts on Dove’s “Real Beauty” Sketch Video

Have you seen Dove’s latest Campaign for Real Beauty video?  If not, go take a look.

First of all, I know there are 1,000,001 posts out there already about Dove’s Real Beauty campaign, both positive and negative.  After watching their most recent video, I had a thought that I haven’t seen addressed yet.

The entire thing hinges on how other people see us.  It’s all about how you critique yourself and how other people, especially people who know and love you, see you much more positively.  I feel as though I’m being told that what other people think of me matters more than what I think of myself.

I don’t want to feel better about myself because someone else said I have a nice, thin jawline or beautiful eyes.  That’s still giving the power to someone else.  I have my own agency and I have my own confidence.  If a woman feels ugly, the solution is not to ask someone else what they think of her, and suggest that she draw confidence from that.  The solution is especially not to ask what a man thinks of her, in my opinion.

If Dove wanted to make a real beauty campaign, I think they would have to dismantle what they’ve built so far.  They would need trans*women, women with disabilities, women of color, and women from size 0 to 20+.  They would need to ditch photoshop (btw, they totally haven’t).  I don’t know that we’ll see any of that any time soon.

I understand that they’re trying to sell us beauty products, and they can’t do that if we’re perfectly happy with ourselves.  They still want the focus to be on what other people think of us because then we’re easier to sell to.  And I’m not buying it.

Lazy Sunday

Hi darlings!

I have to head to work in about 12 minutes, but I wanted to get this post up and off the ground because there’s a chance I’ll be pulling a Ke$ha and leaving for the night (I ain’t comin’ back).

First of all, despite my not having a Facebook page for the blog (good idea? bad idea?), I absolutely love the ideas from Kira’s post  on Her New Leaf about fan-only content.

& Kara of I Just Might Explode and Stuff Kara Made blows my mind.  Check out her shop, her 40 before 20 list (which she completed, because she’s a badass), and her classes, if you want some awesome to brush off on you.

& For some reason, I’m always skeptical of low-priced products touted as “high quality”, but I think I might have to make an exception for Ladygasm’s Cici, which is currently on sale for $25.  Ladygasm makes their own line of silicone toys and I have to say, they’re really unique.  The clitoral stimulator on Cici has little nubbies, which have made me kind of obsessed with it.  (Also, remember my love MiMi?  Obviously I must own Cici.)

& I really can’t take any credit for locating Laura of Wrapped Up In Rainbows, since she followed me on Twitter and I was like, “Oooh, Rainbows you say?”  Just the first few posts on her home page right now include: VW camper vans, ice cream, and a super simple DIY apron tutorial.  If you want anything more than that, I just don’t understand you at all.

& All this week, I’ve spent basically every free second reading Epiphora’s sex toy reviews.  The woman knows what she likes and she is not afraid to be blunt.  Some day, I hope to have amassed the toy knowledge and collection that she has!