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By On May 7, 2013

Well, it’s not Sunday, but another one doesn’t roll around for a while, and you all deserve some lovely links. & Did you know that there is literally no regulation within the sex toy industry? Like, none at all? If you’ve ever seen me mention flame testing materials, I do it because you simply cannot trust that every package that says “100%…

Articles & Essays / Sex & Relationships

OkCupid University: Etiquette 0500

By On May 7, 2013

Welcome to another installment of OkCupid University!  In case you missed it, you can find my intro to OkC post here. Many of the most common question I get asked about online dating revolve around etiquette.  A lot of myths still abound about male/female interaction, and since the majority of my friends are heterosexual, that’s what I hear the most…

Personal & Advice

My Thoughts on Dove’s “Real Beauty” Sketch Video

By On April 28, 2013

Have you seen Dove’s latest Campaign for Real Beauty video?  If not, go take a look. First of all, I know there are 1,000,001 posts out there already about Dove’s Real Beauty campaign, both positive and negative.  After watching their most recent video, I had a thought that I haven’t seen addressed yet. The entire thing hinges on how other people…


Ask Me Anything

By On October 17, 2012

This isn’t part of a link-up or a meme, but rather something I’m hoping to make a semi-regular (read: every few months) feature.   I’m looking for your questions about: Toys and lubes. Personal health care (testing, best lube/lotion/potion for ___, bath & beauty). Porn, including porn and relationships. Relationships and dating. Mental health and sexuality.   I don’t want…


Lazy… Monday?

By On July 2, 2012

Better late than never?  I had a crazy day yesterday, starting with an 11-5 shift at work, and ending with me passing out at midnight (even though I was supposed to pick the boyfriend from the airport at 3am).  Oops.  Don’t worry, I’m taking him out tonight and plying him with tequila. And here are some things I hope you’ll…