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FAQ that.

First of all, thank you to everyone who commented on my last post.  I have read them all, and I really appreciate your honesty, support, and the general “fuck the haters” attitude.  Let’s form a band of pirates.

So, in the spirit of my blog being a place for me, I want to do a little personal post in the form of an FAQ.  Because while I don’t actually usually get asked a lot of questions, I frequently pretend to be famous and have given many an interview in my head.  That’s not embarrassing because you’ve all done it too.  Don’t you lie to me.

1.  Who are you and why should I trust your opinion?

Good question!  I see we’re starting strong.  I’m Sarah, a 22-year-old recent college graduate with a Bachelor’s in Economics, but in my spare time I study sex toys.  I started reviewing for Eden Fantasys in December of 2011, then started this blog around January of 2012.  I work at my local Adam & Eve store, where I’m a full-time sales consultant and the new director of social media.  You should trust me when it comes to toys because literally 1/3 of my net worth is tied up in sex toys and accoutrements.  I take sex toys very seriously.  I want to know why they work, how they work, what they’re made of, what that material can do to your body, and how to keep it as clean as possible.  I will tell you if a toy is buzzy or rumbly.  I will tell you if a lubricant is gloopy, sticky, or smooth as George Clooney.  And I will subject myself to all of these things in your name.

2.  So what about dating?  Have you online dated?

This blog used to be about dating!  For a very short while, anyway.  I spent the summer of 2011 dating on OKCupid.  I learned a lot.  I’ve actually had 3 separate online dating stints, all on OKC, and all somewhat successful.  (I’ll get to that in a minute.)  My dating history is pretty sordid, and I’ve mentioned a few guys on this blog.  I’m now in a stable, long-term relationship with a guy I half met at a cafe and half met online.  For as much flak as online dating gets, I think it’s great.  I actually plan to start a new post series focusing on online dating for college and early-20-something girls.

3.  Who is Steve, and is he actually ok with you posting about him?

This is a question I actually do get asked!  Steve is my boyfriend/partner/best friend.  I used to work at an independent coffee shop, which he used to frequent.  The first French press I ever made on the job was for him.  About a year and a half later, in March 2012, he messaged me on OKCupid.  I actually cancelled our first date because I was still reeling from some nasty romantic mishaps, but something compelled me to reschedule and here we are.  I moved in with him 2 months into the relationship, and now we’re planning a big move together whenever he finds out which University wants him to teach or do a post-doctorate program!  (Also, yes, he knows I post about him, and he’s perfectly okay with it.)

4.  What is your absolute favorite toy?

Short answer: I don’t have one.  Long answer: I think that generally, most people have too many separate needs for one toy to suit them all.  Sometimes I want my Lelo Mia because it’s great for pinpoint stimulation.  Sometimes I want my Tantus Splish because it’s the perfect small, textured g-spot dildo.  I have a lot of toys that I love, and I would never want to give them all up for one “perfect” toy.  Quality is definitely important, though – if I had to choose between just one luxury vibrator and 5 cheapies, I would choose the former, of course.

5.  Ok fine but if you were headed to a desert island and you could only bring one toy, what would it be?

We will ignore the fact that you didn’t tell me if this island has any electrical sockets or batteries for the sake of simplicity and say the Lelo Mia.

6.  What’s currently on your toy wishlist?

I think I’m soon receiving a Vibratex Mystic wand, so that will cross one major player off my list!  I’m dying to try something from Vixen Creations made of VixSkin.  An internal vibrator would be nice to have, too, I think – maybe a Lelo, a FunFactory, or another JeJoue.  I really just want to try as many things as possible.

Now it’s your turn!  Answer any of these questions for yourself, or pose more questions for me if you’re so inclined.

World Rat Day!

Hi pretties.

This is pretty much the furthest thing from a sex topic, but I’m compelled to talk about it anyway, because it’s still a topic near and dear to my heart: rats as pets.

That’s my chubby cuddly thing, Ewan.  Not all rats are the size of Chipotle burritos, but I have this tendency to adopt really large boy rats.  I like big ole cuddle monsters.

The tails squick a lot of people out, and I can sort of understand that.  They’re scaly, kind of weird, but you get used to them.  Did you know their tails are actually covered in fuzz? They’re really not so unpleasant after all, and they help rats balance when they’re busy doing things like climbing all over their cage, sitting on your shoulders, or getting into trouble (like my laundry basket – always, ALWAYS a rat in the laundry basket!).

Why rats?”  I get that a lot!  Did you know that rats have some of the best qualities of cats and dogs?  Some rats are very playful and will even play fetch with you, while some are super cuddly and want nothing more than to lie on your lap while you browse  Rats even potty-train themselves, and are able to hold their bladders while they’re out with you.  And generally, rats keep themselves very clean –  some rats will even try to clean their owners.

What does it take to keep rats?  A nice, big coated wire cage (I like CritterNation cages or Martin’s Cages), 2+ rats of the same sex, quality food like a special lab block or a low-protein dog food mixed with non-sugary cereals, lots of toys, and at least 1-2 hours per day of play and physical exercise.  Rats can be pricey, especially their vet care, but they’re hands down the most loving and personable “pocket pets” you can have.  If you’re really interested in rat care, leave me a comment or get at me on Twitter!

Where are your rats from?  A pet store?  Nah.  I adopted my boy, along with his now-deceased brother, from the Pittsburgh Rat Lovers Club rescue.  Buying from petstores really unleashes a whole world of problems, including health and temperament issues, and funding irresponsible practices.  You’d probably be surprised by the number of good breeders and rescues there are for rats, particularly in the US and Britain!

I know a couple of other bloggers out there keep rats.  Anyone else?  Have I changed anyone’s mind on the furry little vermin?  Anyone want to come play with Ewan?  I’m sure he’d love the company!