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Congratulations! …and Internet Woes

We have a birthday giveaway winner, and it is… TicklingPink!  Congratulations!!  And thank you so much to all who entered, and to SheVibe and, who are providing the very generous prizes!

In other news, I’m totally without internet except for what I can find at coffee shops and on campus.  I also have some kind of viral cold thing, which isn’t totally incapacitating yet, so I’m at Starbucks right now writing this post.  Unfortunately, I didn’t really plan a post, so I’m afraid this is a bit haphazard.

If my Internet connection is restored by Sunday, I’ll have a Lazy Sunday post up.  If not, I most likely won’t, because I’ll be working on a project for a media class, as well as two or three final papers that I’m trying to get a jump on.  Crazy.  I can’t believe I have just over a month left of my undergrad, period.  This has definitely been my most difficult semester so far.  18 credits: 1 independent study, 1 writing-intensive econ class, and 4 completely unrelated but shockingly fast-paced classes that I perhaps could have chosen a little differently… Oh well, it’s almost over, right?  Just have to get the rest of my work done and in on time.

Also, I’m kind of babbling because my doctor gave me an albuterol inhaler and if you’ve never taken one before, it’s basically like, speed.  I’m shaking.  And typing.  And drinking a large iced coffee, which I’m sure I will regret.

So that’s what’s new!  No time for toy reviews right now, sadly.  Soon, though!  Just bare with me while this semester comes to its climax.

Post ALL of the Instagrams!

Hi pretty things and handsome gents!  …on the off chance any handsome gents read this blog.  Oh, please, let there be handsome gents under the age of 30 who don’t think this shit cray!  Ahhem.

I come bearing Instagrams of My Daily Life, even more than usual.  I hope this isn’t boring for anyone else – personally, I love looking through people’s daily life photos, even moreso than the pretty inspiration photos on a lot of blogs.  They’re just so real, it makes me feel like a blogger’s life is attainable.

When it’s been a long week and I just need to relax, I usually take some time to hibernate with a movie (Heathers!), some junk food, and a glass of wine.  Note the fact that I don’t own wineglasses.  This is because I break glassware like it’s my job.
The cafe tends to get slow around 3-4pm, and that’s when I like to take silly little pictures.  It’s a cute place!
I got to go home last weekend for some serious R&R (my mom even rubbed all the kinks out of my back!) and of course, no trip home would be complete without a picture of my fuffywups, Dmitri.  He’s a rescued poodle/bichon mix, and sometimes we wonder if he’s half cat.
Also while home, I got lunch with one of my oldest friends, Alicia.  Neither of us can remember when we met, but it’s been a nonstop good time ever since!  We lived together last year, and I miss seeing her everyday.  We had delicious Mexican food and some really fantastic(ally strong) cocktails!  Hers is a mojito and mine is the biggest margarita known to man.
Sometimes, I like to trick myself into studying by polishing my nails at the same time.  I forget the name of the color, but it’s a very light pastel lavender by OPI and it goes on incredibly well and really has staying power.
My friend/former roommate/current roommate’s girlfriend Erin and I like to eat Nutella straight out of the jars.  Cheers!
And last but not least, my little rodent sunshine, Ewan, all cozied up in a hammock I made for him.
I want to see some other people’s Instagrams!  Please comment with your username so I can follow you.  Mine is “nicetobelieve”!
Safe & sexy,