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Depression, always.

By On January 9, 2017

My first great realization of 2017 is that I have depression. Wait, you say, didn’t we know that already? I have depression… and I always will. It’s that simple. And yet, it’s that complicated. I have depression and I always will. That sentence itself sounds depressing, no? You may want to tell me something like, Don’t give up! You can feel…

Articles & Essays / Personal

Sex, Depression, & the Medication Merry-Go-Round

By On July 25, 2015

I’ve spoken about this here on the blog before, but for new readers: Yes, it’s true, I have depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety are both disorders that can have a significant affect on your sex life. For me, depression hits harder than anxiety. Depression – and some anti-depressants – make me utterly disinterested in sex. Even though I take comfort in…