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Rough Week, Lazy Sunday

Pretty things!  It was a long week.  Sometimes, things just don’t go as planned.  I have my next installment of What’s the Buzz? ready to go from outline to full post, so that will be up within the next 24 hours.  (Are you excited for G-spot and dual-action vibes?  You should be!)

For now, I’m going to leave you with another Lazy Sunday list of things that made me actually want to get out of bed today – and that’s no small feat!

& Hannah Watanabe-Rocco’s blog is so fresh and her aesthetic is definitely one after my own heart.  Check out this outfit post for some extra adorableness.

Check out this Little Chief Honeybee-themed lotion from FunkOff!  If you don’t buy it, I will, because it sounds like it smells heavenly.

I’m a little bit obsessed with this iPhone 4s case from Herrbonbon, but I’m still kickin’ it with my old iPhone 3G, so somebody with the new model snag it!

I was recently put in touch with Simone of SkinnyDip, whose blog I’ve long admired.  So exciting!  Check her out – she’s one of the bloggers who convinced me it was entirely possible to write well-informed sex articles without boxing yourself into the very narrow corner of “sex blogging.”

Safe & sexy,