Busy Sunday!

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I had a very, very busy Sunday at the cafe!  It started innocently enough, with a fresh cinnamon scone and a big cup of whole milk (which you totally can’t beat – sorry, Mom, I know you raised me to drink skim!).  I arrived an hour early and spent the hour trying to catch up on all of the lovely blogs I frequent and petting a dog named Anna Nicole who belongs to a rather eccentric regular customer.  You know, the usual.

After combing this week’s crop of new blog posts, I’ve found some gems for you!

& Adalou’s Wear Ware Where series is short and sweet and lovely!

& What type are you?

& Moorea Seal’s Paint Your Love series is simply beautiful and inspirational.  Some of them are tough to read – she’s very honest and open, but if you want personal and ultimately uplifting posts, you should be heading straight there.

&  Elise’s posts on her visual blog Pennyweight are just gorgeous.  I love the post she did recently showcasing silk scarves, as I’m a huge scarf fan.

& Shannyn over at Frugal Beautiful has it together.  I’m loving her blog right now, especially because I’m trying to get my finances under control without totally killing my social life (or, admittedly, my love for Qdoba).

& Victoria of Batzy (her shop and blog) is a girl after my own heart: she has a whole series of What’s in My Bag? posts!


PS: I have a mini interview tomorrow for a job I think I’d really like.  It’s part time and retail but it would be amazing experience.  Keep your fingers crossed, wouldya?  



Rainy Saturday

Hi pretties.

How was everyone’s week?  My favorite professor always begins class with, “Any questions, comments, issues, stories?”  So, anyone?  Please share the high- or low-lights of your week!

Highlight: I was able to start running again!  I bought a pair of Nike Pegasus in white/pink and took off around my apartment.  I’m doing 12 minute miles, which isn’t horrible, but by the beginning of next week I want to be back to doing roughly a 5k run (really, a walk/jog) once a week with shorter runs padding the week out.  It felt amazing to wake up today at 9, go right out to run, and come home to find the rest of the day just stretching out ahead of me!

Lowlight: I failed an accounting exam.  Boo hiss.  Let’s be serious: I’m not an accountant.  I am an econ major.  My accounting professor said, “Bonds are basically the exact same thing as stocks,” and as an accountant, sure, you can look at it that way, but the little economist that lives in my brain went, “ARE YOU &@#&ING SERIOUS!?”  I couldn’t take it.  I’m just not cut out for that world.  It’s too concrete.  Luckily, I do have time to do some extra credit and try not to royally screw up the final.  Have any of you ever seriously struggled with a class, especially one you expected to be easy-peasy?

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I’ve been trying really hard to be more positive lately.  (Truth be told, finally being treated for anxiety helps haha.)  For every bad thing that happens during the day, usually you can find one thing to balance it, or one thing to look forward to in the near future.  Big bad things happen, and those can’t just be ignored.  You have to work through the big bad things.  But the little bad things can’t just ruin your day.  If you let your day be ruined early on, you’re just making yourself miserable.  You get caught in the mind trap of thinking it’s a bad day, and you don’t go looking to make it better.  For every one miserable customer I have at the cafe, I have five more smiley sweet ones.  Who matters more?

Share with me your positivity tips!  Or, if you struggle with thinking positively,  I want to hear about that too.

Safe & sexy,


Post ALL of the Instagrams!

Hi pretty things and handsome gents!  …on the off chance any handsome gents read this blog.  Oh, please, let there be handsome gents under the age of 30 who don’t think this shit cray!  Ahhem.

I come bearing Instagrams of My Daily Life, even more than usual.  I hope this isn’t boring for anyone else – personally, I love looking through people’s daily life photos, even moreso than the pretty inspiration photos on a lot of blogs.  They’re just so real, it makes me feel like a blogger’s life is attainable.

When it’s been a long week and I just need to relax, I usually take some time to hibernate with a movie (Heathers!), some junk food, and a glass of wine.  Note the fact that I don’t own wineglasses.  This is because I break glassware like it’s my job.
The cafe tends to get slow around 3-4pm, and that’s when I like to take silly little pictures.  It’s a cute place!
I got to go home last weekend for some serious R&R (my mom even rubbed all the kinks out of my back!) and of course, no trip home would be complete without a picture of my fuffywups, Dmitri.  He’s a rescued poodle/bichon mix, and sometimes we wonder if he’s half cat.
Also while home, I got lunch with one of my oldest friends, Alicia.  Neither of us can remember when we met, but it’s been a nonstop good time ever since!  We lived together last year, and I miss seeing her everyday.  We had delicious Mexican food and some really fantastic(ally strong) cocktails!  Hers is a mojito and mine is the biggest margarita known to man.
Sometimes, I like to trick myself into studying by polishing my nails at the same time.  I forget the name of the color, but it’s a very light pastel lavender by OPI and it goes on incredibly well and really has staying power.
My friend/former roommate/current roommate’s girlfriend Erin and I like to eat Nutella straight out of the jars.  Cheers!
And last but not least, my little rodent sunshine, Ewan, all cozied up in a hammock I made for him.
I want to see some other people’s Instagrams!  Please comment with your username so I can follow you.  Mine is “nicetobelieve”!
Safe & sexy,

More Instagrams

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Things have been busy this week with school and personal changes. I didn’t want to leave my blog high and dry, though!

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and even though I didn’t have any special plans, I wanted to feel extra pretty!  Red sparkly shoes certainly did the job.

I stopped by the cafe I work at over the weekend for some cafe comfort food.  That’s a chocolate chip scone, and in the cute little yellow mug is my latest drink of choice: Earl Grey with milk.  Yum!

I like to make my breakfasts unnecessarily pretty so that even when I’m eating plain nonfat yogurt with berries, I feel decadent.  (The mug is from Anthropologie and my comforter is from Ikea.)

Some Instagram of My Daily Life

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Pretties!  Since I’ve been slacking with my DSLR lately, I wanted to share some photos in the format I’ve actually been able to keep up with.  It’s worth noting, I’m back to an older iPhone 3G, so the quality could stand improvement, but it’s just so fun to shoot on!  I can’t get enough.

I’m a barista at a small local cafe, so I usually get to spend about 3 days a week making drinks and talking to great people.  It’s pretty sick!  This is a little hot chocolate latte amalgamation I made to satiate my caffeine withdrawal and my sweet tooth.  Aren’t our turtle mugs precious?

This is Ewan, my big silly boy rat.  He’s sadly all by his lonesome since his brother died, but he loves to free range in my room and cuddle inside my robe.  I’m pretty certain that his favorite food is almonds, and he’s under the impression that his wheel is only good for snacking in.

I swear, I’ve had at least 3-4 meals of tomato soup and grilled cheese in the past week, and I couldn’t possibly be happier.  As you can sort of see in the picture, our kitchen table is deliciously retro, and I loved the way the meal, the table’s print, and this particular Instagram filter (Nashville!) meshed.  I’m kind of an addict.

Safe & sexy,