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Rocks-Off Bamboo (Not Suitable for Pandas)

By On March 16, 2015

Rocks-Off is known for making the “best bullets in the biz,” which is a pretty fair assessment. They have approximately a million bullet designs, from lipstick-size to 6.2″ to one that I saw at EroFame that genuinely could have been used to fend off a home invader. Bamboo is a nice size, sitting right between a mascara tube an a…


Lazy Sunday Abraham Linkin’

By On June 24, 2012

Heh.  Heheheh. Is anyone else excited for: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter  ?! Well, if you’re not, that’s ok.  You probably just have better taste than I do.  Which, frankly, isn’t difficult because I download Pretty Little Liars every week and sing “Call Me Maybe” with great gusto in the car. Time for more links of substance!  …and funsies. & Why You…


Lazy Trader Joe’s Sunday (!!!)

By On May 6, 2012

Oh yeah, Darlings. I FINALLY WENT TO TRADER JOE’S.  That’s right.  There’s been one literally five minutes from my apartment for 8 months now and  I had no idea because I’m directionally challenged.  Luckily, the fella that’s been taking me out recently (also known as NerdyRG if you follow me on Twitter) knows his way around the Pittsburgh neighborhoods better…


Busy Sunday!

By On April 29, 2012

M’dears. I had a very, very busy Sunday at the cafe!  It started innocently enough, with a fresh cinnamon scone and a big cup of whole milk (which you totally can’t beat – sorry, Mom, I know you raised me to drink skim!).  I arrived an hour early and spent the hour trying to catch up on all of the…