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Hi darlings,

Long week!  And it’s Wednesday!  But my new job has been super exciting, and with one of the most crucial members of the team on vacation, it’s been busy for all of us.  Honestly, I didn’t find it difficult at all to get used to talking to strangers about intimate products.  I guess I don’t really have much of a filter for that kind of thing…  The strangest thing to get used to?  Not everyone wants to talk about the products as much as I do!  It’s a little sad when I don’t get to tell them the great things about ben-wa balls and Liberators, but some people just like to shop alone.

Thank you all for being there for me during this transition.  I’ve really never worked this much at a job that I actually love before, and while it’s far less draining than working at a big box retailer was (many moons ago), at the end of the day it’s still been eight hours on the floor.

Speaking of thanks, here are some of the lovely ladies that keep me going!  Their posts always put a smile on my face, or a sticky thought in my mind.  (That sounds kinda gross, but I meant that they sometimes pose questions or ideas that need time to sort out in your brain.  Not, like, anything disgusting.)

Kasia has been around here since pretty much the very beginning, and she’s one of my favorite ladies.  She blogs over at Koju Bofu, all about her travels and her daily experiences.  She’s definitely earned an International Playgirl status!

Corinne of Frock & Roll is a new friend that I’m head over heels for!  I think she’s one of the only bloggers I know who hadn’t embraced the smart phone trend until very recently.  But we got her!  She’s on the dark side now!

Carmen always makes me laugh like crazy.  She blogs at Cheeky Cheeky and I have a blogcrush on her.  I’m also one of her May sponsors, and she’s such a pleasure to work with that if I have to stop sponsoring her at some point, I’ll probably shed a tear.

Chantilly is a fantastic singer/songwriter/blogger based in New York.  She’s an amazing lady who really works hard to live out her dream, and her blog is so honest and unpretentious.

Em of Lick My Cupcakes is an Australian baller and hilarious lady blogger of awesomeness.  She keeps me entertained on the Twitter machine and her latest blog post cracks me up.

Thank you ALL!