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How to Make a Self-Care Package

By On September 21, 2013

My days in the USA are numbered. That sounds really dramatic, and I mean, we hope to be back for Christmas, but the reality is that I’m moving to a completely unfamiliar country in 6 days. As someone with an anxiety disorder – albeit somewhat successfully treated – I need to be careful to take good care of myself so…

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Rainy Saturday

By On March 31, 2012

Hi pretties. How was everyone’s week?  My favorite professor always begins class with, “Any questions, comments, issues, stories?”  So, anyone?  Please share the high- or low-lights of your week! Highlight: I was able to start running again!  I bought a pair of Nike Pegasus in white/pink and took off around my apartment.  I’m doing 12 minute miles, which isn’t horrible,…