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Womanizer vs Satisfyer: Clash of the Clit Suckers

By On July 25, 2017

It’s taken me quite a while to gather my thoughts on this whole “suction”-based toy trend. In reality, I’m fairly certain that these things work by using puffs of air and a vibrating motor, but since I understand absolutely nothing about engineering, I couldn’t tell you for sure. But I can give you my opinion, since that’s ostensibly what you came…

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3 Things Monogamous Folks Can Learn from Swingers

By On July 2, 2017

With non-monogamy of all kinds becoming less taboo, from swinging to polyamory to open relationships, there’s a lot to learn out there from some really amazing sources — like my friends at Swingtowns! Even if you’re not interested in going down that road right now, there’s a lot that monogamous folks can learn from teachings around open relationships. Communication Just…

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Sheetfaced: A Sheet Mask Round-Up

By On June 24, 2017

In case you missed it, I recently wrote about my skincare routine and briefly mentioned sheet masks without going into too much detail. Today, I’m doing a quick round-up of the sheet masks I’ve used most recently, and I’ll also explain why I use sheet masks in my routine at all. Top row (L-R): SNP Gold Collagen Ampoule Mask, Benton Snail…

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What You Don’t Know About Vaginal Lubrication

By On June 15, 2017

Natural Lubrication – What is it? Vaginal lubrication isn’t just for sex, although that’s when most of us think about it the most. Aside from making sex of all kinds easier and more pleasurable, natural vaginal lubrication keeps the vagina and the vulva healthy and facilitates self-cleaning. The pH of a healthy, pre-menopausal vagina is most often between a 3.8 and…