Don’t Bother with Pants: Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales can be overwhelming. Is that really a good price? Where should I shop? Do I need to put on pants?

If you want to save on the best sex toys, lubes, and porn, you’re in the right place.


SheVibe is one of my all-time favorite online stores. Their selection is superb and their sales are unbeatable. Check it out:


You can save 10% on sales from $75 – 99.99, 15% on sales from $100 – 124.99, and a whopping 20% on sales over $125!

My top picks from SheVibe include:

  1. LELO Mona 2 ($135.20 after discount)
  2. Doxy Wand, Die Cast Doxy Wand, or Doxy Skittle ($80.10 – $151.99 after discount)
  3. Vixen VixSkin Mustang, Mustang Royale, and Mustang Air ($89 – $109.60 after discount)

Or, put together your own bundle and save! Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Jopen Key Comet Wand, nJoy Pure Plug, and Sliquid Sassy ($116.80 after discount)
  2. Tantus G-Force and Vibratex Mystic Wand ($84.98 after discount)


Lovehoney has an amazing selection and a ton of Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. Here are a few of my favorites:


A selection of Lovehoney’s own brand dildos are on sale, 2 for $50! As always, I recommend going with silicone or glass to be sure your toy is body-safe and built to last.


Tenga makes some of the best penis toys on the market. If you’re looking for a masturbator that’s body-safe, non-representational, and impeccably designed, look no further.


The Doxy Wand is hands-down one of the most powerful vibrators in the world. If you crave the power but broad stimulation doesn’t do it for you, you can pick up the Lovehoney G-Spot Pleaser attachment (which can also be used for pinpoint clitoral stimulation) for just $11.50!


Tantus is one of my favorite toy manufacturers. First of all, they’re a woman-founded company. Add to that, everything they make is from the highest quality silicone, and their designs are truly unique.

Update: There’s a 3 day flash sale on ALL Tantus-made toys! 


This is an amazing deal! Some of my favorites are G-Force, the Perfect Plug, and Neo. I’ve also heard great things about the new Uncut dildos #1 and #2! But, let’s be serious: You really can’t go wrong.





You have lots of options with this bundle, from the dreamy textured Goddess (shown) to the girthy Duke to the more realistic John Doe and beyond.


Tantus makes some truly amazing plugs. With this bundle, you even get my favorite all-purpose lube!


Tantus Grab Bags are a great way to save on the toys you want if you’re not picky about the color. There’s always a chance you’ll get a beautiful and unique combination, too!


If you’re looking for hot, inclusive queer porn, this is it – the créme de la créme – CrashPad! You can save 15% off their monthly, 3-month, and full year membership packages. That a lot of orgasms!



This post contains affiliate links. By shopping through my links, you help support, and I really appreciate that.

Sex Toy Storage

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As a sex blogger, and particularly as a toy reviewer, I have a lot of toys. Naturally, I’ve faced a pretty common problem (where do I put my sex toys?) on a very large scale (where do I put approximately 50 sex toys and 20 lubricants?), and I have some ideas for you if you’re dealing with something similar.


Behold: The Awaiting Review shelf!

You see, I struggle with “out of sight, out of mind.” Clever discreet storage solutions don’t work for me, because I will literally forget that things exist. In fact, I tried to discreetly store my Tantus Perfect Plugs, and now I can’t find them. Lesson learned.

So because I share my bedroom only with my husband, who embraces my eccentricities and my job, I decided to employ the old IKEA spice rack method so beloved by the likes of Queeraschino and JoEllen. Let me tell you: It’s life-changing.

I put my spice sex toy rack up above my dresser, which is against the wall at the foot of my bed. The first drawer of the dresser is home to my formidable lubricant collection, condoms, and sexy underthings that don’t get a lot of play outside the bedroom. Next to the dresser is a power strip for easy vibe-charging. And I can reach all of it from the foot of my bed, making “Hold on, just let me go get one thing!” a thing of the past.

In addition to the spice rack, I put some of my favorite vibes, dildos, and plugs on the shelf directly above the head of my bed. The Doxy Wand, Mona 2, Pure Plug, and Eroscillator all live there for easy grabbing.

Do things get dusty on the shelves? Of course. Sometimes, try as I might for convenience, I do have to make a bathroom run to ensure that my pleasure object is ready to go. But in general, this is leaps and bounds ahead of my last storage situation. Which was…

Labelled IKEA boxes like these.

These cardboard, nice-ish boxes are a great solution for people who are short on cash and want a little more privacy. You can label them like I did (awaiting review, insertable non-vibe, insertable vibe, external vibe, anal, kegel) or leave them unmarked if you’re keeping them in view of other people and want to maintain some privacy.

This is still how I’m storing my less-used toys, because it keeps them out of the way of the toys that actually get play. Before, I had to rummage through box after box looking for one specific toy. Now, the majority of them are laid out quite plainly so I don’t: a) forget they exist or b) have to waste 10 minutes of valuable pleasure time rooting around.

I also use one of these to store my cords and chargers. (Speaking of which, does anyone have a better method for storing those? That’s one area where I feel like chaos reigns supreme.) But, all in all, I’m happy with the way I’ve integrated sex toys into my bedroom.

Does my home look like a well-curated sex toy shop? Yes. Would I have it any other way? Absolutely not.

Rhino by Traz Penis Extender: Not So Much

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It’s not often that I meet a toy that just doesn’t do it for me, but that does a few things right none the less.

You see, I’m lucky enough to not have a very hard time orgasming. I’ve come to require a bit of a stronger motor in my vibrators, but I’m nowhere near the power queen status that some of my friends have reached. When it comes to dildos, sometimes the shapes are a little boring, or maybe they’re a bit too big, but rarely to encounter a well-made dildo that I just don’t like. This is why the Rhino by Traz puzzles me.

penis extender

Because the Rhino – all three of them, actually – is a penis extender, I needed the help of a trusty be-penised partner to get the deed done. Enter: Husband.

My husband is a man of simple tastes.Try as I might to convince him to review myriad high end sleeves, it was to no avail. He once told me, “I could take or leave a blow job, really.” Once a vag man, always a vag man, I suppose. But when I was emailed by Traz about their Rhino penis extenders, I asked if he’d be interested in trying a product we could use together. With some slight hesitation, he agreed.

The Basics

Traz makes three different Rhino models: Sleek, Genesis, and Stampede.

Sleek is the thinnest, at 1.5″ in diameter and 8″ long. It’s made of a smooth but grabby silicone, very similar to the old We-Vibe formula. Sleek still has a lightly defined head, which the designers claim was adopted for G-spot stimulation.

Both Genesis and Stampede are labelled 2″ in diameter and 8″ long, but they also claim that Stampede has a girthier head. Either way, the main difference between Genesis and Stampede is the texture: Genesis is made of the same grabby silicone as Sleek; Stampede has a much more textured feel to it, but the silicone also has less of a sticky feel. I don’t know what to compare the feeling of the Stampede to, except maybe like if sandpaper were made out of medium-firmness silicone. .

All three Rhinos are hollow, with ribbing inside. At the tip is about 1 inch of silicone, which is where the length extension comes in. Also included is a plug, made to fit inside the Rhino and close the space between where your penis ends and where the Rhino itself ends. They also suggest that, if needed, you can use scissors to cut either the Rhino or the plug. It’s definitely possible to get a custom fit, provided you fit comfortably into the sleeve.

Penis Extender

Which Is Where Our Troubles Began

It was a tight squeeze.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that mine is a Sliquid household. Sassy and Silk are usually our lubes of choice, and I maintain that for most things, they’ve got your bases covered. But even a liberal application of Sassy wasn’t enough to make the slide into the Rhino Sleek pleasant or even comfortable. (Seriously, I watched him grimace. It was sad.)

The ribbing is designed to stimulate, so that if you’re erect while wearing it, you get as much enjoyment out of using it as your penetrated partner does. In theory, the ribs should feel good when using the toy as a masturbation sleeve, too, since that’s another suggested use.

In practice, however, we found that they were just too intense. Something about the vacuum that the sleeve had created, the grabby texture of the silicone, and the firmness of the ribs combined to spell pain. He really tried, but couldn’t stand to use it for more than a few minutes. Then, when it came time to try to remove the Rhino, we discovered that those ribs really like to get caught on the glans.

All in all, I have to say that it was not a pleasant experience for him. It’s possible that we should have used a creamier lubricant, but we generally don’t keep lubes like that around, as they tend to disagree with my vagina. Also, he isn’t fond of the lubed-up feeling without a vagina to directly accompany it.

Unfortunately, the Traz Rhino penis extenders are decidedly not for him.

When it came time to try the larger two Rhino sleeves, I had quite the challenge ahead of me. I am not a size queen. My ideal is somewhere around 1.5″ in diameter. For me, a curve is more important than girth. I was excited to see what the raised head felt like, though, so I gave it a shot. Unfortunately, after sheathing a smaller dildo with the Genesis, I found that I legitimately could not insert it. There was no way that thing was getting into my vagina. It just was. not. happening. Alas, the Rhinos were a miss across the board.

On the Plus Side

I do think that the team at Traz did several things right.

For one, they make a point to mention that their team includes women, and that women were a big part of the design process. You’d think that wouldn’t be so revolutionary, but oh, it is. As a woman who’s involved with that side of the industry, I’m very happy to see companies that are hiring inclusively.

Additionally, it’s not nearly common enough to see penis extenders made of quality materials like silicone. Silicone is highly durable and hypoallergenic. Perhaps other companies hope that if they make cheaper products, you’ll wind up replacing them more often, revving up their revenue stream. Thank you, Traz, for actually looking out for quality.

Along with quality, Traz’s Rhinos offer a bit of versatility. You can insert your penis flaccid, which is particularly useful if you have trouble getting or maintaining erections. You can use it as a masturbation sleeve. You can fuck with it. If the Rhino fits your anatomy, there’s a lot you can do with it.

Finally, I think the marketing is probably some of the best that I’ve seen when it comes to penis extension. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect – I hate the idea that every man (or person with a penis) wishes their penis were bigger. I hate that people are insecure with their bodies; especially their genitals, which have the potential to bring so much raw pleasure. But the fact is, there’s a market for penis extension. And if Traz is going to market the Rhino as a toy designed to please both men and women (heteronormative as that may be), then I think we could certainly do worse.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve been looking for a penis extender and you want something body-safe (you should), the Rhinos are a good bet. If you love firm ribs, you might love the Rhino. If you’re just looking for a masturbation sleeve? Look elsewhere.


Thank you, Traz, for providing me with the Rhino Sleek, Genesis, and Stampede in exchange for an honest review! You can buy your own Rhinos from SheVibe or directly from Traz.

nJoy Pure Plug: A Symphony for Your Anus

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that anal toys and I have a complicated relationship. Some, I really like. Some, I absolutely hate. But I’ve never used one that really wowed me and made me fully appreciate the capabilities of the anus. Until now.

PurePlug and Daphne

Daphne wasn’t willing to accept that a hunk of steel was momentarily getting more attention than she was. 

The nJoy Pure Plug makes me never want to put anything else in my ass ever again (which is a huge problem, as a sex toy reviewer). It’s just that good. When Roylin at Trystology asked me to pick a few things that I’d been wanting to try, a toy from nJoy was at the top of my list. Although I’d tried other, similarly shaped plugs without much success, I believed that the Pure Plug would be different… And I was right.

I’ve heard that the creator of nJoy is a bit of a perfectionist, and I would like to address him directly here: Thank you. Thank you so, so much, for making this amazing hunk of metal that fits so perfectly in my anus. You have truly changed my life.

Let’s talk tech specs for a second. There are 4 Pure Plugs: Small, Medium, Large, and 2.0. There’s also a Pfun Plug, but that has a different shape. I chose the Small, because I’ve never used a steel toy before and I tend to prefer my ultra-hard toys on the smaller side. I now believe that I could have gone with either Small or Medium, because the design is just so perfect that insertion is a piece of cake. Small is 2.25″ long, 1″ wide at the widest point, and weighs 5oz.

The nJoy Pure Plug’s design is just impeccable. You can tell that someone who is both passionate and knowledgeable created this plug. The tip is just tapered enough to be supremely comfortable sliding in, and putting the bulk of the weight in that bulb means that your sphincter muscles naturally just try to draw it inside. The curve makes it appropriate for prostate stimulation, but even as a person without a prostate, it felt amazing. The neck is long enough to rest comfortably, but not so long that it becomes uncomfortable to move around with the plug in place. And that base! It sits perfectly betwixt my cheeks! The loop makes it easy to pull out, too.


Prettier than over half of Tiffany’s selection, tbh.

Before I first played with the Pure Plug, I put it in a clean mug of hot (not boiling!) water. I don’t like to play with cold toys, personally – my holes clamp up and my butt gets ticklish. Luckily for me, the Pure Plug holds heat extremely well.

When I was ready for insertion, I grabbed my trusty Sliquid Silk. Because nJoy’s steel is so perfectly smooth, you really don’t need a whole lot of lube – just enough to make insertion easy and to cushion the walls of your butt. That’s why I like using a thicker lubricant when I’m playing with anal toys.

I first tried to insert the Pure Plug while lying on my back, but that proved to be pretty difficult, even for someone who’s relatively flexible. Instead, I found the most comfortable position to be lying on my side in the fetal position. Once I tried this, it was super easy to insert, and immediately I could feel muscles clenching in a way that I’d never experienced before. (Note: In case you weren’t sure, I inserted the Pure Plug with the bulbed curve facing towards my belly button, the same direction you would insert a bulbed G-spot toy.)

Something about the combined weight and shape makes the Pure Plug work in a way that I have not encountered before. It seems to create its own massaging movements. The sphincter muscles respond to the shape and the weight, squeeze and shift, and the weight and shape shift, causing more squeezing and shifting. It’s like my butt wants to play with the Pure Plug, with no necessary involvement from me. It is a lazy person’s anal dream come true.

I wanted to see what it would be like to orgasm with the Pure Plug in place, so I grabbed a vibrator and got to work. When combined with clitoral stimulation, the Pure Plug is amazing. The natural contractions of my pelvic muscles moved the plug around even more, causing what felt like tiny rings and spots of intense pleasure. When I orgasmed, clenching around the plug prolonged the orgasm and made it that much stronger. It was, by far, the best orgasm I’ve had with anal stimulation.

So then, I decided to try something completely new to me: Double penetration. I was absolutely bound and determined to fuck with this thing in my ass. The result? Good; at times overwhelming, at times digging into my partner’s penis. But a great experience none the less. Because my partner and I favor positions that help him hit my G-spot, at times the stimulation was actually a little bit too strong for me. It was overwhelming. There was also the issue of simply fitting everything into its spot, which was aided with a liberal application of Sliquid. If I had a sexual résumé, this would be a great new entry.

All in all, I’m convinced that the Pure Plug is one of the best-designed toys of all time. This is what toy design should be. You don’t have to have a giant product catalog to make great toys – you just need to do an amazing job on the toys you make. Forgive the pun, but this is no half-assed butt plug.

Trystology Logo

Many thanks to Trystology for providing me with the Pure Plug in exchange for an honest review. 

PicoBong TRANSFORMER: Great for Murder, Bad for Orgasms

As you might remember, when I first heard about the PicoBong TRANSFORMER, I was excited. Why? I have no idea. It was a vulnerable time for me. When my TRANSFORMER arrived, I turned it on, furrowed my brow, and then accidentally forgot about it in the back of a drawer.

Generally, I like to keep things respectful. If I don’t like a toy, I try to be fair. My personal brand is not built on being the snarkiest person on the block. It’s just not my thing. But this here? This deserves a little heat. In fact, I don’t even know where to begin because it’s basically just two knobs of NOPE connected by a NOPE cord. NOPE cubed. I believe it would be easier to strangle someone with the PicoBong TRANSFORMER than it is to have a decent orgasm with it.

I have a lot of questions about this vibrator. How did it come to be? Who is responsible for the final design? Was there a focus group?


Can you see that gunk? Yeah. I’m not putting more effort into cleaning a toy than the manufacturer put into making it. Sorry.

The TRANSFORMER is billed as a sort of vibrator for everyone, transcending sex, gender, and sexual identity. But really, like Lilly recently pointed out, any toy can be used by anyone (as long as you follow basic safety procedures). Not sure about that? Think of it this way: No one is stopping you! If you’re a person with a penis and testicles who likes vibration on them, you can use just about any vibrator to achieve that. I might recommend something flat or with a good amount of surface area, like a wand or Lelo Siri 2, but you could really use whatever your heart desires. You can use the Pure Wand and the Comet Wand anally or vaginally, and they’re not going to ask you about your pronouns before you insert them. A much better way to shop for toys is to consider what you want it to do, not who it’s marketed towards.

Another claim that PicoBong makes with the TRANSFORMER is that you’re supposed to be able to use it like, a million ways. Which is great and all, but none of the ways I’ve tried are even pleasant, much less orgasm-inducing. According to the PicoBong website, it has “10 vibration patterns and multiple speeds”. The low speeds make me question if the thing is even turned on, and the highest speed is still considerably weaker than just about any other vibrating toy that costs a whopping 99 euros.

Worse yet, the vibrations move around in a really peculiar way. First, I tried using the TRANSFORMER clitorally. If you’re a loyal reader, you know that usually, my clit isn’t terribly picky. It can discern quality, but sometimes it just wants to get off. Not so with the TRANSFORMER! My clit was like, “Yawn.” So next, I tried insertion. I mistakenly inserted the side with the controls, so I had to pull that out, insert the other side (with the PicoBong logo stupidly impressed in the silicone), and contend with lubey hands and gunky controls. Once I finally had a comfortable insertion going, it felt… like absolutely nothing. I tried moving it around, but the bullet-like shape isn’t conducive to G-spot stimulation. I tried bringing the control side up and pressing it against my clit, but then the piddly vibrations began jumping around. Each end would pulsate for seemingly no reason, while the connecting tube became the most active vibrating portion. It became an exercise in futility.

“Who is responsible for this?!” I bellowed. The TRANSFORMER is one of the most baffling toys I’ve ever encountered.

PicoBong also suggests using it anally, but I sure don’t want to clean ass-gunk out of those crevices. And as a cockring? You’d have to have a really, really thick cock. Like, the size of someone’s neck. Which brings me to my husband’s brilliant suggestion: Erotic asphyxiation. Yes, that might be the best use for the TRANSFORMER (please do not try this at home!).

If you want true flexibility, buy two or three toys and learn how to use them together. In a few weeks, I’ll be publishing a post on how to combine toys for maximum pleasure. Until then, just don’t buy this. Perhaps PicoBong should stick with more basic designs for now. For instance, I hear the Moka is pretty good.


The TRANSFORMER was provided by PicoBong in exchange for an honest review.