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Bbold by Bswish: Bdisappointed

The Bbold by Bswish couldn’t Bworse.


When I initially pulled the Bbold from its – admittedly pretty – packaging, I was excited. It helped a lot that Diddleworks, who sent me the Bbold in exchange for my honest review, included an extra soft storage sack and a lovely postcard. I’m a sucker for a little swag, it’s true. Beyond that, the Bbold had a nice curve and I thought it might be a little bit like the Je Joue Uma, which I’m still hoping to get my hands on.

At first, when I saw the depression on the bottom of the vibrating end, I thought it would be reminiscent of my beloved We-Vibe Touch. It looks like a nice little nook for your clitoris. What I wasn’t so excited about it was that hot pink seam. It’s very, very prominent in person, and in my opinion, really detracts from the luxury claims. If the Bbold were designed only for external use, it would be forgivable, but it’s also intended to function as a G-spot vibe. It’s possible that the texture could be pleasurable for some, but I’m not sure if that was Bswish’s aim or if it’s just a lazy design.


Worse yet, there is absolutely no design insight offered in the manual. The manual is the most generic one they could possibly have included, only including information on how to turn on/off, charge, and clean their toys in general. The bulk of the actual message of the manual appears to be legal ass-coverings. Thanks, BSwish!

So, I started it up. What I will say about this toy is that it came pre-charged. That’s convenient. It means that I don’t have to wait an additional 2-10 hours to love or hate it, y’know?

When I first turned it on, I was impressed and I felt a little relieved. It’s loud, and shakes quite a bit, so at first I thought it was strong. Unfortunately, it’s just buzzy. It’s very, very buzzy. In fact, when I wrap my hand around the unit, the vibration is almost completely dampened, making it all but useless internally, especially on the highest straight vibration setting. (There are 3 levels of straight vibration and 4 patterns. I can’t be arsed with patterns.) I thought that maybe I was exaggerating and didn’t want to needlessly knock a toy, so I grabbed the nearest pair of hands that doesn’t mind touching my goodies and asked him.

“Ok, hold this one in your right hand and this one in your left,” I instructed, holding out the Mona 2 and Bswish Bbold, both turned to their highest power setting. “Which one feels stronger? Can you still feel vibration in both?”

Uhhhhh…” My husband is actually Tina Belcher. “Yeah, this one is a lot stronger. I can’t really feel the vibrations in the other one.” A relatively impartial layman agrees: The Bswish Bbold, well, Bweak.

All told, sometimes my clit is alright with buzzy vibrations. It’s not nearly as picky as my G-spot, but it’s getting a bit more crotchety (pun very much intended) the longer I review. Going into my first test, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I tried using just the very tip on low power to mimic how I start off with the Mona 2, but that wasn’t enough. I tried the divot, on both low and medium power, and that wasn’t doing it either. I turned it all the way up, and realized that the high power combined with the buzzy vibration actually made for less powerful vibration strength than a lower setting. Also, you have to cycle through every vibration function if you find you don’t like the one you just turned on. That’s not a characteristic of “premium” vibrators, Bswish. Frustrated, I threw it aside and reached for something else.

For weeks, I tried using it during warm-ups. It was one of those vibrators that felt alright, but just not good enough. I always ended up reaching for my Mona 2 or my original We-Vibe Touch. Finally, my husband persuaded me to just try using the Bbold, without anything else, “for science. You owe it to your public!”

Again, I tried the tip on low power. With a little concentration, it felt alright. The tip on medium power was nice, and I felt like I was marginally close to an orgasm a couple of times. But that just went on and on. I tried once again to use it at full power, but it became significantly less pleasurable, at which point I loudly sighed and cycled back through to medium. Tediousness is the enemy of orgasmic energy.

I’m telling you, I could. Not. Come. Could not. There was no orgasming happening here, friends. And thus, the end of an era. I can no longer get off with poorly made vibrators.

I maintain that cheapness isn’t the deciding factor. I’m not going to automatically like something because it’s $130, or dislike something else because it’s $23. It has everything to do with build quality, which is not the same across brands even in the same price category.

Bswish’s brand is split into three categories: Classic, Deluxe, and Premium. The Bbold is part of the premium line and costs $73. Knowing this, I have to assume that Bswish prioritizes looking like a luxury brand over performing like a luxury brand.

Overall, I can’t recommend the Bbold. It’s buzzy, loud, and in my opinion, poorly designed. I do, however, recommend you check out Diddleworks. The site design is neat and minimalist, their customer service is great, and their selection is wonderfully body-safe. Plus, they have a kick-ass name.

In other news, please check this amazing giveaway organized by the Redhead Bedhead to benefit a dear friend of hers undergoing cancer treatment. What could possibly be better than kicking cancer’s ass and having the chance to score some great prizes?!

Life and Links

As you might have noticed, I haven’t posted a lot in the last couple of weeks. I’m not losing interest in reviewing – far from it. I’ve just had a whole lot going on. amsterdam_canalLast week, I took a trip to Amsterdam to interview with a brand new startup. And I got the job! I’ll be revealing more soon, once I have or can create some guidelines to keep each space secure. Long story short, it looks like I’m going to have the opportunity to help shape my favorite industry.

Additionally, I have a handful of toy reviews in progress, but I’m not quite happy with any of them yet. From the Bbold by Bswish (thank you, DiddleWorks!) to a little treasure box sent by SheVibe containing the brand new Iroha Mini and some other goodies, I have a lot on my plate.

Since this post is a little low on content, here are some links of interest!

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Review: Minna Limon

There’s no doubt about it: When it comes to innovative designs, Minna Life is on point. Their original toy, the Minna Ola, was something I’d lusted after for years (and would still love to get my hands on). It was also the first toy to really perfect the squeeze technology that it uses to control vibration. Other toys do it, sure, but no one does it like Minna.

It’s adorable. At 3″ long and 2″ wide, it’s a barely a handful for most people. Of course, it’s made of 100% smooth silicone with a small plastic disk as the charging base. Big thumbs up to toy manufacturers like Minna who don’t skimp on quality. Although I’m personally not a huge fan of pink toys, I think Minna’s dark, purply pink is stunning. (It’s also available in teal, for hardcore anti-pink people.) Far from gimmicky, the shape is actually one of my favorite things about this toy. The tip allows for pinpoint stimulation, but the broad vibration surface can also be used for full-vulva stimulation. In short, it looks cutesy, but there’s some really intelligent design there. It also has the best magnetic charger I have yet come into contact with. Seriously. Its charger is like a little throne, and the magnets are strong enough to hold it in place reasonably well. Plus, it keeps the toy nice and clean, which I very much appreciate.

In use, the Limon is nice and strong. It’s not going to rival a Hitachi, but it’s nothing to scoff at in my opinion. It’s stronger than the original JeJoue MiMi, but not as strong as the Mona 2. It’s also the good kind of strong – rumbly. Unfortunately, that actually poses a problem for people with hands my size. But I’ll get to that in a minute. What makes the Limon different from other clitoral vibrators is Minna’s squeeze technology, which is truly incredible and even more intuitive than I anticipated. It has two pockets of air space that attach to the motor and the strength of your squeeze translates into the strength of the vibrations.

In Free Play mode, the Limon simply responds to your squeezing. You can squeeze a free hand pattern, or just play around. I like steady vibrations, so with an average vibrator, I usually start off on the first or second setting to warm up, then cycle up to about 75% of full power. What I liked about controlling the Limon by squeezing was that it was far easier to warm up and increase the vibration than it would have been had buttons been involved. However, once I get to high power, I like to just keep it steady. That’s what works for me and my anatomy.

That’s where Lock Mode comes in. To set a vibration, you simply turn it on with one button click, squeeze to the desired level, and click the button again twice more. This mode would be particularly great if you enjoy a lower vibration frequency, but your partner is using it on you and they happen to have an iron grip.

The most fun mode is Record Mode. You simply squeeze the Limon in the pattern you wish to create, then stop squeezing for a second or two. Then, Limon will start playing your pattern on a loop. If you’re me, you might record the opening bars of “Under the Sea” and see if you can get off while also imagining dancing crabs. (Then, realizing that “Under the Sea” isn’t cutting it, you record a very fast, strong pulsation pattern that actually does get you off.) All in the name of research!

So, it’s innovative, rumbly, attractive, fully waterproof, rechargeable, and body-safe. What could go wrong? As a result of the shape and strength, I get a lot of hand rumbling with the Limon. That is my only complaint, but it’s one that keeps me from reaching for it more often. I find that since I like the vibrations at their very highest intensity, it causes a lot of rumble to be transferred to my hand, making it difficult for me to keep the toy in place. Granted, I have very, very small hands. I have to wear gloves from the children’s department. It’s much better when my partner, who has bigger hands, holds it for me. Then, I can just lay back and enjoy the awesomely rumbly vibrations.

My Ratings:

  • My pleasure: B+
  • Design: A
  • Vibration strength: B+
  • Ease of use: A+

If you’re looking for something strong, discreet, body-safe, and a lot of fun, I would definitely recommend the Minna Limon. It’s definitely unlike anything else out there.

Thank you so much, Minna Life!

You can purchase the Minna Limon from my friends at SheVibe for $119.

Disclaimer: The Minna Limon was provided in exchange for an honest review in accordance with FTC guidelines. 

Does it live up to the hype? A review of the Lelo Mona 2.

Before I received my very own Mona 2, some of my well-respected friends gave it absolutely rave reviews. It’s been touted as a holy grail vibrator by more than a few seasoned reviewers. But what would my finicky g-spot think about it? Would it actually be comfortable to use clitorally, or awkward and cumbersome?


I would be lying if I said that the beauty of the Mona 2 wasn’t a factor when I was deciding what to request for review. It’s truly a gorgeous toy. The g-spot curve is slight but somehow voluptuous. It’s kind of like a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

If you’ve ever felt a Lelo silicone toy, you know that their silicone is soft, smooth, and silky. Like most of their insertables, the Mona 2 is made of extremely hard plastic, nestled under the thin layer of silicone. The insertable length is just under 4.5″, and its diameter is 1.5″. There’s a small ridge where the silicone meets the plastic handle, but it remains easy to clean. (For what it’s worth, I usually don’t gunk up my toys that far down, but some people do. It varies, and you shouldn’t feel weird about it either way.)

Oh man, the handle. I love the handle because it’s very ergonomic. It has a decent weight to it and feels solid. My favorite part is the buttons. They’re soft and squishy but easy to press and clearly differentiated from the rest of the handle. The +, -, up, and down signifiers are easily distinguished by feel alone, even in the throes of awesome vibrator passion. You can press the + and – buttons at the same time to lock it for travel, too. AND they light up to signify charging and pulsation pattern. I would like to buy a round of shots for whoever made this control zone happen.

When it comes to vibration strength and modes, it’s easy. + and – take the strength higher and lower, while up and down will let you choose a pulsation mode. You can choose both the pattern and the intensity, which is like, basically the Chipotle of vibrator control options. You want chicken and mild salsa? Barbacoa and hot salsa? Really slow pulsations on the highest intensity setting? YOU GOT IT. (Maybe I’m just hungry.) Mona 2 is the first vibrator to convince me that pre-made pulsation patterns might actually suit me sometimes. The slow pulse on the highest setting is INSANELY good and makes an awesome clitoral warm-up.

In use, I found the Mona 2 to be one of the most comfortable toys I’ve ever tried, both internally and clitorally. Internally, the vibrations really hold up, due to Mona 2′s rumbly motor. In fact, with the curve being where it is and my g-spot being rather shallow, I actually found that even internally, I got some light clitoral stimulation from the neck of the vibe. Externally, well, holy shit. The tip of the Mona 2 is softly peaked, meaning that it can be used for fairly exact stimulation. Alternatively, you can apply the curve to your labia. Since I enjoy pinpoint stimulation, I found that the handle actually did a phenomenal job of offering me control while keeping my fingers far enough away from the main vibrations. You can feel some vibration through the handle, but not enough to cause “Tickly Hand Syndrome.”

The first time I used the Mona 2, I needed a snack afterwards, and then I tweeted up a storm. I could not talk enough about this thing. It’s the first toy that has left me absolutely positive that I experienced a g-spot orgasm. Other toys have left me wondering, thinking it might possibly have just been a really good clitoral orgasm. Not Mona 2. Oh, no. Then, a few weeks later, I decided to use the Mona 2 externally while I tested the Lovehoney Satisfy Me G-Spot Dildo. Again, my vagina all but stood up and applauded. No matter how I use this toy, I am guaranteed impressive results.

I will give this toy up when you pry it from my cold, dead hands. So, yes. It does live up to the hype.

Thank you SO MUCH, Burlesque Toys, for providing me with the Mona 2. You’ve changed my life. Seriously.

A Religious Dildo Experience


A few nights ago, I had – as the title suggests – what I could only describe as a religious dildo experience. It was like a cloud that had been in place a long time was suddenly lifted. I t was like everything was suddenly clear.

I should back up and start from the beginning.

Because I have a bit of a pile of toys to test right now, I grabbed three from my desk and got to work. Of course, one of them had a dead battery. So, I started with the Mona 2, clitorally. I was tempted to just use the Mona 2 for a guaranteed g-spot orgasm (more on that soon in my complete review!) but I knew I owed it to Lovehoney to actually use their beautiful Satisfy Me G-Spot Dildo, even though at this point I wasn’t sure if g-spot dildos would ever do anything for me.

At first glance, the Lovehoney Satisfy Me looked nice, at the very least well made, but I was prepared to be underwhelmed. I’ve spent the last two years thinking my g-spot is incredibly picky, and when I pulled the Satisfy Me out of its box, the bulbous g-spot end looked a little big for me. (For reference, it’s 7.5 inches long with a slight curve; the bulbed end is 1.5 inches in diameter at its widest point.) The middle portion is flexible, but the silicone is pretty firm and quite soft. For $25, and after using it, I think it’s a steal.

After reading many a g-spot guide, I have always tried to thrust with g-spot dildos. Always, always thrusted. And it felt good, but not OMGAMAZING. This time, I got lazy. And oh, how laziness pays off! I simply held the dildo in place with my pelvic floor muscles, turned up my Mona 2, and had an insanely awesome, super long orgasm. It was honestly hard to tell if it was more clitoral or g-spot, but what I do know is that it really engaged a lot of muscles, and the way they embraced the Satisfy Me was incredible.

Why did it never occur to me to use a dildo that way? I suppose because I was trying to mimic typical PIV sex, thinking that was the ticket. For me, it just doesn’t seem to be. While the awesome bulb on the end of the Satisfy Me wasn’t doing much for me while thrusting, it was just absolutely perfect for clenching around.

The lesson here? Go forth and experiment. You never know what’s going to work best.

Thank you to Lovehoney, who provided me with the Satisfy Me G-Spot Silicone Dildo in exchange for an honest review! If you’re shopping in the UK, Europe, or Australia, check it out on!

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