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Womanizer vs Satisfyer: Clash of the Clit Suckers

By On July 25, 2017

It’s taken me quite a while to gather my thoughts on this whole “suction”-based toy trend. In reality, I’m fairly certain that these things work by using puffs of air and a vibrating motor, but since I understand absolutely nothing about engineering, I couldn’t tell you for sure. But I can give you my opinion, since that’s ostensibly what you came…

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The O-WAND: Is it the Ultimate in Luxury?

By On May 10, 2017

The O-WAND makes me think of fast cars, warm beaches, and — oddly enough — Dirt Devils. I was skeptical when O-WAND reached out to me to review their flagship product. When a toy is priced over $199, my finely tuned reviewer’s sense tingles. High quality materials and designs aren’t always cheap and I know that. But when a company crosses the $199…

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Review: FunFactory Stronic Bi Fusion

By On February 16, 2017

Truly, I should have known better. But, ever the optimist, I really hoped that the FunFactory Bi Stronic Fusion would somehow defy logic and expectation.   What It Is If you’re unfamiliar with the FunFactory Stronic line, let me give you the low-down: They’re pulsators as opposed to vibrators because they contain weighted motors that create a back and forth, thrusting type…