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By On April 14, 2014

As you might have noticed, I haven’t posted a lot in the last couple of weeks. I’m not losing interest in reviewing – far from it. I’ve just had a whole lot going on. Last week, I took a trip to Amsterdam to interview with a brand new startup. And I got the job! I’ll be revealing more soon, once…

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I’m 23, and (Almost) Everyone Still Likes Me.

By On November 6, 2013

I never really did like Blink-182. (Sorry, Alicia.)   Yesterday, I went shopping for some birthday presents. For myself, as one does. And literally everything I picked out was black, yellow, or a combination of the two. For those not in the know, I’m from Pittsburgh, much like Wiz Khalifa, and you know what it is. I definitely find myself…

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My Lush Can’t-Live-Withouts

By On June 25, 2013

As promised, I finally have a round-up of my can’t-live-without products from Lush! (Left to right: Fair Trade Honey, Honey Trap, Blousey, Mint Julips, Happy Happy Joy Joy, Cosmetic Lad, Eau Roma Water, Grease Lightning) My favorite section of Lush has to be the haircare. For a very long time, I used L’Oreal’s sulfate-free line, partly because I’d read somewhere…

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My Thoughts on Dove’s “Real Beauty” Sketch Video

By On April 28, 2013

Have you seen Dove’s latest Campaign for Real Beauty video?  If not, go take a look. First of all, I know there are 1,000,001 posts out there already about Dove’s Real Beauty campaign, both positive and negative.  After watching their most recent video, I had a thought that I haven’t seen addressed yet. The entire thing hinges on how other people…

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CatalystCon East, 2013

By On March 21, 2013

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I spent Thursday through Sunday in Arlington, VA, and Washington, DC, for CatalystCon. So, what is CatalystCon? CatalystCon is an awesome conference held on the East and West coasts for sex educators of all kinds. I saw everyone from Tristan Taormino to college freshmen, and everyone was there to talk about…