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What You Don’t Know About Vaginal Lubrication

By On June 15, 2017

Natural Lubrication – What is it? Vaginal lubrication isn’t just for sex, although that’s when most of us think about it the most. Aside from making sex of all kinds easier and more pleasurable, natural vaginal lubrication keeps the vagina and the vulva healthy and facilitates self-cleaning. The pH of a healthy, pre-menopausal vagina is most often between a 3.8 and…

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The O-WAND: Is it the Ultimate in Luxury?

By On May 10, 2017

The O-WAND makes me think of fast cars, warm beaches, and — oddly enough — Dirt Devils. I was skeptical when O-WAND reached out to me to review their flagship product. When a toy is priced over $199, my finely tuned reviewer’s sense tingles. High quality materials and designs aren’t always cheap and I know that. But when a company crosses the $199…