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The Opposite of FOMO Isn’t Being There — It’s Cultivating Abundance

By On August 9, 2017

Author’s note: FOMO is an acronym for fear of missing out, and was coined in 2004 by Patrick J. McGinnis.   If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that my plans to attend the 2017 Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit (#sfs17) were derailed as a result of visa-related bureaucracy. I’d been planning for the trip all year. I’d even secured sponsorship…

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Woodhull #SFS16: Experiences and Feels

By On September 4, 2016

Unbelievably, it’s already been over a month since I left Germany for Woodhull #SFS16. I’ve already written about the sessions that I was able to attend, and you can check that out here. Today I want to talk about what I experienced and, most terrifyingly, how I felt. Photo shows two SheVibe stickers (one logo, one Blog Squad), a Doxy…

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Woodhull #SFS16 Recap: Part 1

By On August 16, 2016

I’m back! Thank you so much to my sponsors, friends, and family for sending me to Woodhull #SFS16! It was easily one of the best experiences of my life thus far. I tried to write one big Woodhull recap post, but it ended up being like, a million words long. Instead, I present to you the first in a series….

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Three Weeks ’til Woodhull!

By On July 12, 2016

Friends, we did it! With your help I raised enough money to get myself to Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit this August! Thanks to readers, friends, family, and sponsors, I will be flying from Berlin to Baltimore – no small feat. Thank you! What Woodhull Means for Me Woodhull will be the first conference I’ll have attended in over three years. And, by…

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Get Me to Woodhull 2016!

By On June 1, 2016

Readers, I’m currently raising funds in an effort to attend the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit this August. (The above video includes complete and accurate English captions.) The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit is a pretty big deal in sex educator, sex blogger, and sexual public health circles. It’s a 4 day event that covers a wide variety of topics and allows professionals…