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OkCupid University: Etiquette 0500

By On May 7, 2013

Welcome to another installment of OkCupid University!  In case you missed it, you can find my intro to OkC post here. Many of the most common question I get asked about online dating revolve around etiquette.  A lot of myths still abound about male/female interaction, and since the majority of my friends are heterosexual, that’s what I hear the most…

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OkCupid University: OKC 101

By On April 24, 2013

Welcome to OkCupid University. For my first course, let’s just take a look at the basics, shall we?  If you’re unfamiliar with the site entirely, know that it’s a free service and can be relatively private if you’re smart about it.  Mostly, it’s successful for college and grad students, and working kids in their 20s. Myths 1.  Free sites are only…

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Flashback to Online Dating

By On April 18, 2013

Today, I’m going to take you on a journey.  Back, back… back to when the pop charts first introduced us to “Rolling In the Deep”.  When many of us were surprised by how much we either loved or hated Bridesmaids (loved, mostly). Summer 2011.  I had just finished my sophomore year and broken up with that year’s boyfriend.  In truth, it had…

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Dating and Friends

By On January 26, 2013

I’m going to put this right out there: Some people suck at having friends and dating at the same time. Have you ever had a friend who just completely disappeared after meeting Mr./Ms. Right(Now)?  Maybe you’ve been that friend.  Maybe you currently are that friend.  Stop that asshattery right this instant. I get it, and I’m happy for you.  You’ve met…