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Lube, Arousal Nonconcordance, and You

By On August 26, 2016

If you and I are friends, there’s a very good chance that at some point I have either given you lube or recommended lube to you. If we’re really good friends, you’ve probably received a bottle of Sliquid. Here’s why: Lube makes everything better. Pictured: Kindle screen showing the cover of Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski & bottles of Sliquid (Silk, Sassy,…

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A Valentine’s Day that Doesn’t Suck

By On February 5, 2016

Valentine’s Day actually has a special place in my heart. See, one magical year, I got dumped just before Valentine’s Day and decided to buy myself a JeJoue MiMi… and that was the birth of MarvyDarling as we know it. Valentine’s Day Sex Toys If you haven’t already, I would highly recommend you pick up the amazing We-Vibe Touch. In…

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Sex Toy Storage

By On September 5, 2015

As a sex blogger, and particularly as a toy reviewer, I have a lot of toys. Naturally, I’ve faced a pretty common problem (where do I put my sex toys?) on a very large scale (where do I put approximately 50 sex toys and 20 lubricants?), and I have some ideas for you if you’re dealing with something similar. Behold:…