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Social Media for Adult Businesses: Good Intentions & Bad Jokes

By On January 22, 2017

Today I’ve partnered with Dangerous Lilly, Formidable Femme and Red Hot Suz to create a multi-post guide to sex industry social media. Hopefully through these guides, new and old companies can be educated on how to maneuver through marketing sexuality in a professional way.  It’s no secret that sex bloggers are an outspoken bunch. Lilly recently wrote a beautiful post about…

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LELO HEX: You’re Not #Winning Us Over

By On June 14, 2016

With the release of their new and supposedly revolutionary condom LELO HEX, the company has once again proven that if you’re a rich dude, people will overlook the fact that you’re an abuser in order to work with you. Who’s the face of their new LELO HEX condoms? None other than Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen: Could We Maybe Not? If you only…

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PicoBong TRANSFORMER: Great for Murder, Bad for Orgasms

By On February 22, 2015

As you might remember, when I first heard about the PicoBong TRANSFORMER, I was excited. Why? I have no idea. It was a vulnerable time for me. When my TRANSFORMER arrived, I turned it on, furrowed my brow, and then accidentally forgot about it in the back of a drawer. Generally, I like to keep things respectful. If I don’t…