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The O-WAND: Is it the Ultimate in Luxury?

By On May 10, 2017

The O-WAND makes me think of fast cars, warm beaches, and — oddly enough — Dirt Devils. I was skeptical when O-WAND reached out to me to review their flagship product. When a toy is priced over $199, my finely tuned reviewer’s sense tingles. High quality materials and designs aren’t always cheap and I know that. But when a company crosses the $199…

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Peaches, Eggplants, & Tacos — Oh My! (Sexting for Newbies)

By On April 30, 2017

Sex is often likened to riding a bicycle, in that you supposedly never forget how to do it. As someone who rode a bicycle right into a brick wall just a year or two ago, I call shenanigans. Luckily, re-learning how to sext is easier than riding a bicycle, and it’s probably just as good for your cardiovascular health if you’re…