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My name is Sarah, and I’m a recently married Pittsburgher, transplanted to Kiel, Germany. I’m passionate about sex education and body safe sex toys, as you’ve probably noticed. My sex education experience began with a gig as a Pure Romance consultant, but after learning more about the toy industry and sexual health, I couldn’t ignore the myriad problems with the company. Marvelous-Darling.com became a consistent platform for sex toy reviews and dating articles in March 2012, and shortly afterward, I began work at a brick-and-mortar adult store where I honed my education and sales skills. In March 2013, I attended CatalystCon East, the premier inclusive conference for sex education. All in all, I’ve dedicated two years so far to expanding my knowledge of sexuality and polishing the way that I present information to my readers. I look forward to many more years to come.

You can also find me writing about casual dating and sex on NoStringsDating Blog. Along with several of my extremely talented peers, I’ve been featured in Brazilian Glamour as one of the top 100 sex bloggers worldwide (I’m towards the bottom, but dammit, I’m there). You might say I really get around.

If you’re interested in my “safe for work” adventures, please follow me on Instagram and Tumblr. You’ll see a lot of pictures of my 12-year-old rescue dog, Daphne, who enjoys wearing sweaters and using her 6 remaining teeth to tear into her beloved chewies. My husband is the guy who sort of looks like Ryan Gosling, if Ryan Gosling had a PhD instead of a gym membership.


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