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Hi, I’m Sarah Nitchkey, and I often get people asking, “What’s up with this girl?”

My career in sex toys started in 2011, when I became a representative for one of those home party companies. I’ll spare you the nitty gritty, but suffice to say that after a few complaints and a lot of reading – as well as some health issues spurred on by bad lubricant – I decided to leave the company and embark on an independent journey.

I started in early 2012, primarily to blog about relationships and dating. For some reason, I never blogged anonymously, even when I began writing sex toy reviews. Believe it or not, I’ve only received a small handful of rude remarks over the years. (To my face, anyway.) I’ve been blogging about and reviewing sex toys for 3 glorious years now.

Until recently, I was working with an sex-tech start-up as a copywriter and content manager. Out of respect for the company, and a desire to keep my blog life separate, I rarely posted about them on this blog. Before that, I worked as a sales associate at an upscale adult franchise, where I learned first hand what consumers are really looking for.

Soon, I’ll be starting school for my Master of Social Work degree with a focus on marriage & family counseling. I plan to work as a sex and relationship coach, and depending on my location after finishing my degree, possibly go on to pursue certification as a sex counselor. I’m currently available for freelance writing and consultation.


Sarah, All Over the Internet

I really get around.

You can now find some of my work at Kinkly. If you want to see some of my earlier work, check out this piece on’s blog. I had the distinct pleasure of writing for my friend Shannyn’s blog, Frugal Beautiful, a few Valentine’s Days ago (but the info there is good year-round). One of my favorite sex shops, Filthy Dirty, featured me on their Backroom Blog talking about glass sex toys. I wrote about 6 Sex Myths that Need to Die, over at Posterity, a blog you should absolutely check out if you’re a recent graduate. I’ve also been featured on ZDF Info’s Elektrischer Reporter episode “Virtual Sex: Love in the Time of the Internet“.

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