Hi, I’m Sarah, and I write about sex toys.

My career in sex toys started in 2011, when I became a representative for one of those home party companies. I’ll spare you the nitty gritty, but suffice to say that after a few complaints and a lot of reading – as well as some health issues spurred on by bad lubricant – I decided to leave the company and embark on an independent journey.

I started Marvelous-Darling.com in early 2012, primarily to blog about relationships and dating. For some reason, I never blogged anonymously, even when I began writing sex toy reviews. Believe it or not, I’ve only received a small handful of rude remarks over the years. (To my face, anyway.) I’ve been blogging about and reviewing sex toys for 4 glorious years now.

From 2014-2015, I was working with an sex-tech start-up as a copywriter and content manager. Out of respect for the company, and a desire to keep my blog life separate, I rarely posted about them on this blog. Before that, I worked as a sales associate at an upscale adult franchise, where I learned first hand what consumers are really looking for.

I’m currently pursuing my Master of Social Work degree. I’m also available for freelance writing on the topics of sex, relationships, and dating, and for product design and web store consultation.


Sarah, All Over the Internet

I really get around.

Recently, I wrote a piece for The Establishment about how blogging and toy reviewing has changed my life. You can also find some of my work at Kinkly. If you want to see some of my earlier work, check out this piece on NoStringsDating.net’s blog. I had the distinct pleasure of writing for my friend Shannyn’s blog, Frugal Beautiful, a few Valentine’s Days ago (but the info there is good year-round). One of my favorite sex shops, Filthy Dirty, featured me on their Backroom Blog talking about glass sex toys. I wrote about 6 Sex Myths that Need to Die, over at Posterity, a blog you should absolutely check out if you’re a recent graduate. I’ve also been featured on ZDF Info’s Elektrischer Reporter episode “Virtual Sex: Love in the Time of the Internet”.

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