Friends, we did it! With your help I raised enough money to get myself to Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit this August! Thanks to readers, friends, family, and sponsors, I will be flying from Berlin to Baltimore – no small feat. Thank you!

What Woodhull Means for Me

Woodhull will be the first conference I’ll have attended in over three years. And, by all accounts, it is the business. First of all, they’ve gathered some fantastic speakers to talk about topics that intersect with sex like race, mental health, aging, and disability. Second, this is a conference that values educators, academics, and bloggers. We have a chance to further our collective reach by working together and learning from each other.

While fundraising, I encountered some… interesting attitudes with regards to this summit. Of course, I received a lot of support from people who know me or know my work. A lot of people really get it. But honestly, it’s still a taboo topic for some folks. And if it isn’t taboo, then it certainly isn’t academic. (Spoiler alert: That’s totally false!)

I’m attending Woodhull for two primary reasons: To better myself professionally and academically, and to spend time with my people.

Both as a blogger and as a Master of Social Work student, it’s important to me to actively seek out educational experiences that are in line with the social justice values that I seek to uphold. I chose this career path because I want to do something with my life that makes a difference while using my talents and skills. Woodhull is affording me the opportunity learn about things that are outside my expertise and my privilege zone.

Below are some of the workshops and events I plan on attending:

  • Sex Educator Bootcamp Level 2
  • Nurturing Connection Through Healthy Touch1
  • Sex Geek Salon with JoEllen Notte
  • Navigating Social Media Practices for Adult Businesses
  • Sexualizing Cancer
  • Blogger Pajama Party
  • The Importance of Being Trauma Informed for Sexuality Professionals
  • Facing The Monster Under The Bed: Continuing The Conversation About Sex and Depression

If you want to keep up with what’s happening, follow me on Twitter and/or track the hashtag #SFS16!

I’m also excited to spend time with some of my favorite people – sex bloggers & educators. It’s a reality that no matter who “your people” are, it’s nice to be around them and to feel that particular sense of belonging and understanding. I even have the good fortune of rooming with good friends that I’ve only gotten to spend time with in-person once before. And don’t tell the other events, but I particularly can’t wait for the Blogger PJ Party on Friday night.

After missing the last 3 years’ worth of sex educator and blogger events, I plan to fully maximize my time at the summit.

Want to join me?

The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit is in Alexandria Virginia from August 4th through the 7th, and no, registration is not yet closed. Students, military in active service, and seniors can save $75! Feeling lucky? Until the 14th, Tantus is running a giveaway for a FREE Woodhull SFS registration!

My Awesome Sponsors

This year I was fortunate enough to find two awesome sponsors who are working with me to help make my trip possible: Holistic Wisdom and Sliquid!

Holistic Wisdom specializes in body- and eco-safe products, which is something that I am super passionate about as well! Something I really like about Holistic Wisdom is that they don’t just stop at stocking body-safe toys – they make an effort to educate you so that you can make informed decisions for your health. They carry a range of awesome products including my favorite lube and the incredibly powerful, popular We-Vibe Tango. Psst: They also have Liberator Throes on sale right now!

Sliquid, as you may well know, is my all-time favorite lube company. No joke, I keep 4 bottles on the shelf above my bed and 1 on my desk. (Hey, you never know.) My favorite lubes for partnered sex or dildo test-sessions are Sliquid Sassy or Silk, which both have some serious staying power. If I’m testing a clitoral vibe, I often opt for Sliquid Sea because I like the way it dries down to nothing when the action is over. And, interestingly enough, I favor Sliquid Satin as a lightweight body moisturizer and hair gel. What can’t lube do? I recommend picking up your Sliquid products at Holistic Wisdom.

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  1. I had Dr. Goldberg-Glen in class so I’m super excited to see her speak!