Readers, I’m currently raising funds in an effort to attend the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit this August.

(The above video includes complete and accurate English captions.)

The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit is a pretty big deal in sex educator, sex blogger, and sexual public health circles. It’s a 4 day event that covers a wide variety of topics and allows professionals from all kinds of backgrounds and fields to get together and exchange ideas. And for anyone who works in a niche like ours, it is so rewarding and rejuvenating to be among “your people”!

If you didn’t know, I’m currently pursuing a Master of Social Work degree. My goal is to work with sexual/reproductive health and trauma. This may mean going into private practice to work with individuals and couples, it may mean working for a sexual health clinic as a resident social worker… Basically, I want to help people. And this is a major part of why I want to attend Woodhull – educational experience.

I’ve been working behind the scenes to make my trip to Woodhull happen, but it’s a pretty big project. My all-time favorite lube company – Sliquid! – has generously agreed to cover my Summit registration fee, which lightens the overall financial burden considerably. I also secured a $100 scholarship from the Woodhull organization itself. Still, I live on another continent, so my sponsorship needs are just bigger than most other bloggers’. Add to that, I left my job last year in order to pursue my Master’s degree and to do some freelancing. That’s been a fantastic decision for my future and my mental health, but it’s left me with little to spare when it comes to trans-continental travel.

Ultimately, I’m appealing to you, my friends and readers, for help getting to #SFS16. I’m hoping to raise roughly $1000 by July 1st.

How to Contribute

You can find my GoFundMe campaign right here. I will be updating periodically and I’m working on trying to secure some additional fun rewards for contributors.

You can also PayPal me, if you’d prefer to do it privately. I’ll keep track of how contributions come in and make sure they’re all tallied.

Finally, I mentioned affiliate sales in the video above. If you didn’t know this, my reviews, my Sales & Deals page, and my sidebar all contain affiliate links where I take home between 15% and 20% of each sale. It really helps that I’m able to keep this blog afloat by recommending products that I believe in.

So, if you’ve been wanting to try something new or replace an old favorite, shopping through my links will help me get to Woodhull. More vibes, lube, or whatever else you’ve been wanting to get for you, with the special added knowledge that you’re sending me to do something that will benefit my blog and me professionally! Win-win, right?

Wait a minute… A giveaway?

That’s right! As I stated in the video, you do not need to contribute to my campaign for a chance to win my giveaway. All of you, by being my readers and my friends, support my work in a very important way and I’d like to give something back. As such, all prizes are being provided by me.

The giveaway prizes include:

1) a mystery Tantus Grab Bag toy and a giant bottle of one of my favorite lubes1

2) a copy of Coming Out Like a Pornstar, My Life on the Swingset, or Come As You Are (physical or e-book – winner’s choice)

3) a $25 e-giftcard to SheVibe (US) or £25 to (UK)

I’m doing this giveaway a bit differently because of the nature of it; entries will be completed via a short Google form. I’ll be asking just 4 questions, so it should take you less than 2 minutes to complete. 

Why Google forms? Everyone who donates will automatically get an entry, but I have to manually enter those by using their email or their name and then check that they’re not duplicate entries. None of the usual free giveaway apps have that functionality. But there are some serious perks to this method, too! It means that you won’t see tons and tons of giveaway tweets in your Twitter timeline and you don’t have to check back daily to keep entering. It’s a one-and-done kind of deal, and everyone has the same chances of winning.2

Fill out the form below and try your luck! Giveaway closes on June 30th

Thank you so much for watching, reading, and entering. I need your help to be able to attend this event!

  1. If a US resident wins this prize, they will receive their prize in August when I am in the US and can ship it.
  2. Yes, even if you donate. It doesn’t count as an extra entry because I’m fairly certain that’s illegal.