Iroha Tori Tenga Vibrator

Like many other objets d’art, Tenga’s toys invite a range of interpretations. While my partner described the Iroha Tori as “a very Japanese gravy boat”, I think that the brand’s own comparison to a little bird is a bit more appealing. Our first instincts on how to use it differed, too.

Using the Iroha Tori

Being a longtime fan of soft pinpoint vibration, I immediately pressed the very tip to my clit, holding the toy with the buttons facing up. I was surprised to feel how strong the vibrations were through the tip, and I knew it wouldn’t take me long to orgasm. But, I did what I often do and edged1, because orgasm science.

A few days later, I handed the toy to my partner with no instruction other than a simple “Use this on me.” If we adopt the bird metaphor momentarily, he opted to press the neck and chest of the bird against my vulva, with the controls pointing at my belly button.

During my next solo session, I tried pressing the concave top against my vulva for some extremely broad stimulation. Not my favorite, but definitely an option for getting blood flowing without risking too quick or too easy an orgasm2.

So, how do you use it? However you like.

By turning it up to level 4 or 5 of steady vibration and using it pinpoint-style, I can easily have a strong clitoral orgasm with minimal effort. It’s even better combined with an insertable like the Vixen VixSkin Mustang or my brand-new Pure Wand. I find myself reaching for it often, much more often than its predecessors.


Like its other Iroha siblings, Tori charges via its buttons, which magnetically “lock” onto the charging base (black, pictured above). A clear lid snaps over the base, protecting the toy from… whatever hazards may befall it? I’m not sure, but it looks really pretty, so I’m cool with it. Full disclosure: I do worry slightly about the plastic cracking during travel, but I also worry about basically everything.

Tori is about 4 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 2 inches tall. Its tip is not as small and pointed as the WeVibe Tango or Salsa (RIP), but it’s focused enough for me and does a great job of transmitting vibrations. I find it very comfortable to hold, and the buttons are reasonably easy to use without being easy to inadvertently push.

Bottom line: It’s well-designed.

Iroha Tori vs. Iroha Sakura and Mikazuki

You might remember that I previously reviewed the Tenga Iroha Sakura, Iroha Mikazuki, and Iroha Mini. Like the Sakura and Mikazuki, the new Iroha vibes (Tori, Yoru, and Kushi) are squishy, coated in dust-repellant silicone, rechargeable, and waterproof. Where Sakura failed was vibration strength, and Mikazuki didn’t transmit vibration particularly well throughout its shaft.

While I originally thought that Tenga had popped a stronger motor into the new Iroha vibes, Dizzygirl pointed out that there were just two higher settings added, giving the new line a total of 5 levels of steady vibration3 and 2 patterns. Let me tell you, those extra two levels matter.

When I originally reviewed the Sakura, I liked it. In the two and a half years since then, it’s rarely been used. I’ve simply found other vibrators that I like a lot better because they deliver stronger vibrations with a more pleasing shape. With the Iroha Tori, Tenga took almost every complaint I would have lodged about the Sakura and fixed it.

Thank you, Tenga, for sending me the Iroha Tori in exchange for an honest review! This post contains affiliate links in order to help keep this blog running. Please clear your cookies before shopping.

  2. As far as problems go, too quick and too easy an orgasm isn’t something I’m mad about. But, it does make edging a challenge.
  3. Compared to the older Iroha vibes’ 3 levels.