Hello Vibes recently came to my attention as a new brand out of one of my new favorite states: California. Since I visited in January, when I had the great fortune of meeting up with Ashley, Elle, and JoEllen, I’ve been dying to go back. For now, I’ll just have to keep the Best Coast in my dreams…

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, Hello Vibes! Based out of Los Angeles, Hello Vibes aims to bring luxurious toys right to you with top notch customer service and discreet shipping.

What initially stood out to me was Hello Vibes’ easy to navigate website. It’s sleek and modern, sexy without being too in-your-face. It’s such an approachable way to make body-safe toys available to people who might otherwise shy away from shopping for them. I was also happy to find some quality educational materials, like this post on anal.

If you’re a pro, though, don’t worry. Hello Vibes has an excellent selection, including some of the newest toys on the market.

My Top Picks from Hello Vibes

  1. WeVibe Rave: The Rave is another newbie, released at the end of 2015 and proving to be a powerful force already. Much like the WeVibe Touch and Tango, the Rave packs a massively strong motor. Unlike the Touch and Tango, though, Rave is insertable and designed for G-spot or clitoral pleasure. Rave also works with the WeVibe app, allowing you or your partner to input custom patterns via Bluetooth. My full review is forthcoming, but I think this toy is going to be a real crowd pleaser.
  2. Tantus Feeldoe Slim or Bend Over Intermediate Kit: Now that Broad City and Deadpool have brought pegging into the collective consciousness, you might be wondering about the right toys for the job. If your partner has been penetrated before with a small dildo or a medium-to-large plug, they might be ready to move up. The Tantus Feeldoe is the original double dildo that works for penetration by being held up by one partner’s pelvic floor. (You can also use it with some harnesses if you’re worried about stability.) The Bend Over Intermediate Kit offers an adjustable harness and two dildos designed for comfort. Of course, strapping on can be fun no matter your gender or what genitalia you’re working with!
  3. Tenga Fliphole: Now, if you have a penis, don’t worry – I haven’t left you out. The Tenga Fliphole was designed to be supremely stimulating, and yet still discreet. It’s non-representational, but the texture inside is anything but boring. While the Fliphole is the creme de la creme, I recommend Tenga products across the board, from eggs to cups and beyond.
  4. WeVibe Touch: Another WeVibe product? Yep, because they are damn good at what they do. The WeVibe Touch is a silicone-coated, fully waterproof clitoral vibrator with a powerfully rumbly motor. Its shape, while unconventional, is absolutely brilliant because it lends itself to several different kinds of stimulation. You can use the tip for pinpoint accuracy. You can use the divot to surround your clit with vibration. You can even turn it around and use the flatter side for broader vulva vibration. And, in my opinion, WeVibe is one of the best manufacturers out there right now in terms of customer service and thoughtful product development.
  5. Mona 2: Yup. Ole Reliable. It’s the vibrator I reach for when another has failed me. For some reason, it’s also the perfect vibrator to use during doggy-style PIV (that curve, maybe?). I thought I lost mine once and I almost cried. The Vibe, the Myth, the Legend.

Additionally, HelloVibes has offered Marvelous-Darling.com readers a special 20% off code for use on any purchase! Before checkout, just enter DARLING20 in the coupon field. And if you want to keep up with HelloVibes, you can (and totally should) follow them on Twitter or Instagram.


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