Over Christmas, Spectrum Boutique sent me a bottle of lube that I’ve been wanting to try for years now: Sliquid Satin. What makes Satin so special?

Sliquid Satin water based lubricant

What is Sliquid Satin?

Sliquid Satin is a water-based lubricant that’s formulated with aloe and vitamin e, ingredients that are known for their moisturizing properties. It’s a liquid and it’s a bit thicker than Sliquid Sea or Sliquid H2O, though not as thick as Sliquid Sassy or Sliquid Organics Gel. Like all Sliquid products, it’s formulated without parabens or glycerin, and is only slightly hypo-osmotic (but it’s incredibly close to iso-osmotic, or nearly identical to vagina secretions).1

Worried about taste and smell? Sliquid Satin has practically none, though it is slightly tangy on the tongue. You can also use Satin with any and every safe sex barrier.

In layman’s terms, Sliquid lube is fucking fantastic.

How does it perform?

I think Sliquid Satin really shines as a toy masturbation lube. It plays well with every single material, from silicone and glass to masturbation sleeves. It’s also non-irritating for a vast majority of users.2

If I’m using a toy that doesn’t have a lot of drag or texture, I only need a drop the size of a dime to get through my whole session. If I’m using something like the very draggy Comet Wand or a lube-guzzling dildo like Mustang, I might need a quarter-sized amount.

In use, Sliquid Satin feels a lot like natural vaginal lubrication. It’s not ultra-thin but it also doesn’t provide the kind of cushioning that Sassy does. As such, you can still feel a lot of texture when you’re using Satin. In theory, this makes it great for partnered PIV3 sex. In practice, I found that there were times that Sliquid Satin just didn’t come through for the whole session. If I wasn’t already producing a decent amount of natural lubrication, my vagina tended to swallow up Satin because of its hypo-osmotic nature4. Reapplication isn’t a big deal, but it does interrupt the action.

How else can I use it?

I’m glad you asked! Recently, my beautiful friend Artemisia Femmecock wrote a great piece in the Baltimore City Paper about alternative uses for lube, sex toys, and more.

Artemisia and Caitlin Murphy suggest oil-based lubes for body moisturizers, which sounds great, except that I don’t have any. Instead, I decided to try rubbing Sliquid Satin all over my legs. I woke up to surprisingly soft, smooth skin. I think Satin would make a particularly good summertime moisturizer, or for anyone who prefers something lighter and less sticky than a lotion. Allegedly, you can also use lubricants that contain aloe (hey, Satin!) in your hair if you’re going for a curly ‘do, or in your brows as a medium-hold gel.


Thank you, Spectrum Boutique, for providing me with a bottle of Sliquid Satin in exchange for an honest review! Follow them on Twitter and support their efforts to bring inclusive intimate shopping to Detroit. You can purchase Satin from Spectrum, or from one of my affiliates whose banners are displayed in the sidebar. 

  1. Hat tip to DizzyGirl of ToyMeetsGirlReviews for encouraging clarification on this point! I’m new to osmolality, and let me be honest, I sucked at chemistry.
  2.  Some people may have a negative reaction to citric acid, but as it’s an extremely common food additive, that is very rare.
  3. Penis-in-vagina.
  4. Seriously, go read the Bad Vibes lube guide, ok?