2015 in Review: It was a year of unanticipated change.

On the mental health side of things… I quit my job. I changed antidepressants. I applied to graduate school at the very last minute… and got in. I finally found the life-changing therapy that I didn’t even know I needed. I rediscovered my inner Type-A Monica Geller.1

On the Internetting side of things… I made some new blog friends. I got to meet the lovely Artemisia in meatspace after over a year of collaborating behind-the-scenes. I vowed to attend Woodhull SFS 2016 after seeing all the fun and forward-thinking that happened back in August. I got serious about improving the business side of my blog and attended JoEllen and Epiphora‘s The Business of Blogging About Sex e-course.

And much of this was either made possible, or made significantly easier, by you.

Now let’s get into the Year in Review!

Best & Worst Toys of 2015

Best Toys

nJoy Pure Plug Small Metal Butt Plug Year in Review

  1. nJoy Pure Plug (above): This remains the absolute best thing I’ve ever had in my butt. It nestles in perfectly and really enhances a clitoral orgasm.
  2. Jopen Key Comet Wand: Aside from being a great weapon, the Comet Wand is also a phenomenal G-spotting tool.
  3. LELO Mona Wave: A controversial choice, I know! But I love the Wave Motion and I’m not bothered by the noise.
  4. JeJoue Uma: Looking for the perfect first vibrator, or one to give as a gift? If you’ve got a little cash to splash (~$100-110), I think the Uma is one of the best multi-use premium vibrators on the market.
  5. L’Amourose Rosa: Strong, rumbly vibrations and sleek good looks combine to give you the ultimate luxury experience. (Bonus: Their reps are lovely folks!)

Worst Toys

Lelo Ina Wave Rabbit Vibrator Year in Review

  1. PicoBong Transformer: Just no. In my review, I claimed that it would make a better murder weapon than an agent for orgasm, and I stand by that judgment.
  2. LELO Ina Wave (above): For as much as I enjoyed the Mona Wave, the Ina Wave was downright unpleasant. In my review, I likened it to being fingerbanged by a lobster.
  3. Rhino by Traz Penis Extenders: Judging by the facial expressions my husband made when he had to put these on and take them off, they belong on the Worst Toys of All Time list. But, at least they’re silicone?

*Note: Not all of these were released in 2015. These are the toys that I tested in 2015.*

My Favorite Posts of 2015

Other Bloggers’ Posts

  1. Aerie’s “Naked on the Internet“: Aerie is a cuteypie, and I love that they’re so passionate about camming! Because the world we live in is still sex-work-phobic, I think this post took guts, and I applaud them.
  2. JoEllen’s “Seeing Ourselves in Marvel’s Jessica Jones“: As a fellow survivor of emotional abuse and manipulation, I just nodded and clapped my way through this. We are seen and heard.
  3. Lilly’s “Pre-review! Womanizer, Doxy Die Cast and Doxy Skittle“: Lilly made her first video review, in which she’s hilarious and informative. Go see!
  4. Heather’s “Tantus Ryder Butt Plug or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love it in the Bum“: All of Heather’s reviews are hilarious, but this one features a nod to my favorite song2, so it wins the top spot.

My Own Posts

  1. Interview: Crista Anne’s Orgasm Quest“: I got to interview the unparalleled Crista Anne about her #OrgasmQuest, the hashtag that changed her life.
  2. Inductive Charging, Patent Trolling, and Integrity“: I got a little feisty in this one, but I stand by it.
  3. In Defense of Scheduling Sex“: This was my first post for Kinkly! In it, I discuss why preparation isn’t always the antithesis of romance, why spontaneous desire isn’t inherently superior to responsive desire, and how we can show our partners that we care by doing one simple thing.

Other Awesome Stuff from 2015

  1. Dizzygirl created ThatsNotAVagina.com.
  2. Firefighters Battle Spate of Penis Ring Mishaps“: This is an actual news story based out of Osnabrück, Germany3 that’s surprisingly mild and contains some great advice on how to experiment with cock rings without needing to call the fire department. Although, let’s be honest, that would make a great porn intro.
  3. Broad City was renewed for a third season, which is the best news for those of us who love “bromance” comedy and irreverent humor but are sick of white dudes.

What would you like to see on Marvelous-Darling.com in 2016? Are there toys you’d like me to review? Want to see more makeup and skincare? More relationship articles? Let me know in the comments below!

  1. I’ve also almost completed all 10 seasons of Friends.
  2. “No Scrubs” by TLC
  3. Fact: Osnabrück train station (or Hauptbahnhof) is the 10th circle of hell.