If you want mighty pelvic muscles, kegel exercisers are a great place to start. Generally speaking, kegel exercisers make it easy to know if you’re engaging the right muscles, which is half the battle. So which muscles are the right ones?

All humans, of every gender, have a PC muscle. This is also known as the pubic floor muscle. It’s shaped like a hammock and stretches from the pubic bone back to the tail bone. For people with vaginas, there are 3 holes in the PC muscle: One for the urethra, one for the vagina, and one for the anus. Strong PC muscles help are responsible for vaginal “strength”, which can affect arousal, orgasm, and fun parlor tricks. Additionally, strong PC muscles can keep you from becoming incontinent later in life. The word “kegel” is actually referring to the exercises that one can do to strengthen their PC muscles.

We’re talking about kegel exercisers for vaginas today because that’s the recommended use for all of these products, and because that’s what I put mine in. Please, do not use these anally – especially Luna Beads.

Contestant #1: Minna K-Goal

Minna KGoal Kegel Smart App

The Minna K-Goal was one of the most highly anticipated kegel exercisers in the blogging community. It’s a “smart” kegel exerciser, so it comes with a free app that you can use to track your progress and play exercise games. It was billed as “a FitBit for your vagina”, but I think it’s a bit more like a heart rate monitor. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be using it all day long.

You use the K-Goal by first deflating it, which I found to be the most challenging part. Once you get it down, it’s easy – it’s just not intuitive. Once deflated, you insert it, with the small arm facing whichever way you want (I placed it on my clit). Then, press the same button you used to deflate it to inflate it again. Turn it on, using the button on the clitoral arm, and squeeze.

One great thing about the K-Goal is the way that Minna managed to implement the vibration feedback. Some other companies have attempted it, but none has done it as well as Minna. Then again, we shouldn’t be surprised: They did a bang-up job with the Minna Ola and Minna Limon using the same kind of technology. When you squeeze, the exerciser vibrates. By default, both the clitoral arm and the internal bulb vibrate, but you can change the settings so that only one or the other vibrates. As a result, it’s not exactly subtle; I wore it alone in my apartment, but I wouldn’t have taken it to a coffee shop. The vibrations are rumbly, per Minna’s standard.

As for the app, I think the interface is very attractive. It looks a lot like any other exercise app, and there’s nothing overtly sexual about it. In terms of design, I think they did a great job. Usability is pretty good, too. It requires Bluetooth, and I’ve occasionally had trouble with my connection, but I’m not sure if that’s the app, the phone, or the K-Goal since I don’t use Bluetooth for anything else. The app comes with 2 workouts: Shape Shift and Moving Target. They’re fun, and I think that it’s an amazing concept, but it wasn’t enough to get me really excited about kegels personally.

Unfortunately, I found it to be rather uncomfortable. The K-Goal is not unobtrusive, and I have this thing where I hate any steady pressure on my urethra. Because the K-Goal is 1.45″ max diameter, this unpleasant pressure happens when I’m not aroused. And generally, it’s difficult or impossible for me to become aroused with pressure on my urethra making me anxious. In order to use the K-Goal comfortably, I have to get aroused first, and that’s not the easiest thing to do at the drop of a hat when you’re on anti-depressants.

I did learn something very valuable while testing the K-Goal, though: I have weak PC muscles. You’d think that I would know better, but it seems not even those of us who talk about our vaginas on the internet are immune to laziness. Which means I need to step up my game. I plan to come back to K-Goal once my PC muscles are stronger and give it another go.

You can purchase your Minna K-Goal from SheVibe for $149, or directly from Minna Life.


Contestants #2 and #3: LELO Luna Beads Original and Mini

LELO Luna Beads Mini and Classic

LELO’s Luna Beads Original and Luna Beads Mini are classics and many bloggers consider them the gold standard of kegel exercisers. In the photo above, you can see the size difference between the Minis (left) and the Originals (right). If you’re a numbers kind of person, the Minis are 29mm/1.14″ in diameter while the Originals are 39mm/1.54″ in diameter.

In both sets, the pink balls are lighter weight, and the blue balls are heavier. Pinks are 1 ounce while blues are 1.3 ounces. Both sets are similarly constructed, in that the outer ball is made of hard ABS plastic (a great nonporous material), and the inner weighted ball has room to move around inside. Originally, a batch of Minis shipped without a protective coating over the inner balls, so they made a lot of noise. Mine are from that old batch, which you can see if you look closely. That issue has since been fixed. Both sets also come with the same silicone holster and non-porous cords.

Both are rather unobtrusive, which is perfect if you want to pop them in and go about your day. It’s generally suggested to start with 30 – 60 minute intervals at first, and work your way up to leaving them in for a few hours. I once went through an entire retail shift with them in, and while I was ridiculously aroused at the end of it, no harm was done.

Both sets are equally easy to clean: Just lather up with an antibacterial soap and rinse well. Once in a while – or however often you like, I’m not your mom – I suggest boiling them to sterilize.

To use them, you can start with either the one pink ball with the retrieval cord, or you can load both pink balls into the holster. If you tend to need lube during sex, I would recommend using a little bit of water based lube to insert these. I’ve found it’s easiest to both insert and remove them if I’m squatting. You want to pop ’em in, and then try flexing your pelvic muscles. Walk around a little bit and you should feel the movement. You can dance, hula hoop, join a protest march… Any kind of movement should cause the internal balls to roll around, and that movement activates the automatic response by your PC muscles to clench. Thus, exercising!

You can move up to higher weights whenever you feel you’re ready, or use them in combination.

Great! Which ones should I get?

Like all things, that depends.

LELO says that if you’ve vaginally birthed a child or are over 35, you should go for the Originals. But other bloggers have enjoyed the Originals while not falling into either of those categories.

Personally, I liked the Minis more. If you’re a regular reader, you’re gonna know why: I love how small they are and how comfortable they are for me to wear. They don’t press on my urethra, they don’t cause a pop against my pubic bone, and I find them super easy to insert and remove. Even though my set is from the old, loud batch, I still feel comfortable wearing them out in public, and they’re comfortable for me to wear for hours on end.

If you love larger insertables, if you’re concerned about not being able to feel the Minis, or perhaps if your doctor is recommending them for an incontinence issue, you might want to consider the Originals. If price is a factor, both sets retail for the same amount.

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