When Good Clean Love contacted me about their products, I thought I was pretty well familiar already. I’d tried both their Almost Naked and Cinnamon Vanilla lubricants (both are excellent), and had been a bit disappointed by their Body Candy (couldn’t taste anything). Then I saw two new products on their website: Bio-Match Restore Moisturizing Personal Lubricant, and Bio-Match Balance Moisturizing Personal Wash, available individually or in a handy kit.

Ever the kit enthusiast, I had to try them.

Good Clean Love Bio-Match Balance

Before using Bio-Match Balance, I had never actually used a specialized “personal” or “intimate” wash before. To be honest, I had always expected personal washes to be either completely useless, or marketed with an emphasis on shame. See, I hate any product that attempts to turn my vulva into a flower shop or a candy factory, and that’s all I’d really seen on the personal wash market.

I never expected to love a vulva wash, but oh… I do. And let me tell you why.

Balance is made specifically to match the pH and salinity of the vagina and vulva. The scent of the product – provided by “soothing botanicals” – isn’t floral, fruity, or fake. I was skeptical that it wouldn’t irritate me, like so many soaps and shower gels and lubricants have, but it actually proved to be very, well, soothing. Immediately after washing, I can actually feel a difference.

Now, if you’re medically healthy and if you’re washing correctly (water or a specially-made wash only), your vagina and vulva are going to smell like what they are. If you work out, you’re going to get vulva sweat, and it’s going to smell a little pheromoney. What I like about Balance is that it doesn’t attempt to work against the natural aroma of the vagina and vulva. Instead, the goal is to keep your vagina and vulva healthy. Clearly, the people at Good Clean Love truly respect nature’s pocket.

Good Clean Love Bio-Match Restore

Which brings us to Bio-Match Restore, the moisturizing personal lubricant. By moisturizing, they mean that Restore is formulated and balanced in such a way that it doesn’t leech moisture from the vaginal walls. (Yes, that’s a thing that happens.) You can use Restore with a partner, with all sex toys, or even for daily dryness.

Sidebar: Don’t be a jerk about vaginal dryness. First of all, all kinds of modern medications can cause dryness, including hormonal birth control. Dryness does not always mean that you or your partner is unaroused. Second, stigmatizing lube usage is harmful. Lubricants exist to make sex more pleasurable, and sometimes even safer. Don’t be a jerk. Now that we’re all on the same page…

Restore is a gel lubricant that’s slightly off-clear in color, though it contains no coloring agents. It has a very light scent, which I would describe as edible-botanical. The flavor is citrusy and bright, though it’s a little surprising at first.

In use with a partner, I didn’t feel that Restore lasted any longer than my other favorite water-based lubricants, but we didn’t need to reapply. (To be fair, I do own like 20 lubricants, and I really know how to pick ’em.) What I really liked about Restore was that, while it is a gel, it didn’t provide too much cushioning. Some gels, especially when over-applied, can decrease sensation because of the thickness of the product. We didn’t experience that.

With toys, Restore performed really well. In fact, I was finally able to conquer the Tantus Splash with the help of a quarter-sized amount of this lube. It doesn’t react at all to silicone toys, and I anticipate it would provide more than enough slip for glass and metal.

Overall, I like Restore, but I don’t love it like I love it’s Bio-Match partner, Balance. If I were you, I would pick up Balance and one of Good Clean Love’s other lubricant, Cinnamon Vanilla or Almost Naked, both of which have shorter ingredient lists and contain more lube for your dollar.

Good Clean Love is a great company, and I’m really excited to see that they’re expanding their brand. All Good Clean Love products are cruelty-free and paraben-free.


Thank you, Good Clean Love, for providing me with the Bio-Match kit in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.