Do you follow me on Twitter? If you do, you might have heard that I’m going to be writing a series on online dating!

What you might not know about me is that in the summer of 2011, I set out on a quest to learn how to date. I had found myself in monogamous relationship after monogamous relationship, often learning only after making a commitment that my paramour and I were completely incompatible. So, I signed up for OKCupid and decided to go on dates with as many people as possible. I lost count, but at my best estimate, I went on dates with 15-20 people between April 2011 and March 2012, while having a few short relationships in-between.

This experience taught me how to present myself in order to find the kind of partner I was looking for. It taught me what kind of partner I actually wanted, as opposed to what I thought I wanted. It taught me how to date without getting too attached, too quickly. And now that I’ve been happily married for almost two years to a man I met on the internet, I want to share this knowledge with you.

In order to write about online dating today, I had to make a new profile to see how things had changed since last I roamed the passages of OKC. Let’s take a look at my new profile, which has garnered 122 views, 18 messages, and 75+ likes in 10 days.





A note about “mostly monogamous”: My husband and I agreed before we got married that we would keep the option open. We both agreed that we would rather explore possible attraction to other people by honestly communicating and taking steps together, without jeopardizing what we have by cheating. We are not looking for additional partners at this time.