If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on the new, rechargeable Hitachi Magic Wand, now might be the time! …maybe.

Amazon has listed the Rechargeable Magic Wand as one of its Daily Deals, open to Prime members at 10:00 EST, and non-Prime members at 10:30. The price? $100.95, which the seller is claiming is over a 50% reduction.

If we’re considering only the price, this is a really good deal. But because it’s Amazon, we need to stop and think for a minute. Did you know that sex toy fraud is a real thing? And overwhelmingly, fraudulent toys are sold online through sites like Amazon and Ebay. While I know it sounds kind of funny, these are items where materials and quality are key. A knock-off Magic Wand might have a porous head, unlike the new silicone head that comes on the authentic model. It could overheat.

On the other hand, it’s possible that it could be authentic, and there are ways to tell. In this particular case, it’s fulfilled by Amazon, meaning it’s being shipped from their warehouses. I tried to check the refund policy, but I’m not 100% sure that you’d be able to get a refund if you opened the box and found it to be a fraud.

Thankfully, Amazon is not your only buying option!

If you’ve been dying to get your hands, shoulders, or vulva on the newly redesigned cordless Magic Wand, you can purchase it from a few of my favorite retailers for just $125. Or, you can buy the original for less than half the price.

FilthyDirtyoriginal or cordless

SheVibeoriginal or cordless

Why buy a Magic Wand, anyway?

You need a lot of power? The Magic Wand will deliver.

Admittedly, I’m not a huge wand fan when it comes to masturbation. See, I like pinpoint clitoral stimulation, and a wand provides something much more broad. Fans of the Magic Wand say that they need absolute maximum power and maximum vulva area coverage. For example, JoEllen Notte has written about how the Magic Wand has been a total lifesaver for her, orgasmically speaking.

I know it’s not sexy, but for me, a wand is a must-have necessity for back pain. (Note: Because I live in Germany, I use a Doxy Wand, but the principles still apply.)

If you tend to get very tense because of stress or anxiety, you might find – like I have – that a powerful wand-style vibrator can make all the difference. I tend to get tense along my spine and up into my shoulders. Sometimes, like during big life shifts or times of steady but overwhelming stress, the pain is such that regular ibuprofen can’t even make a dent. The Wand address the problem in a more direct way and helps bring much faster relief.

Okay, so where should I get my Magic Wand?

If you’re considering the Magic Wand only for, say, massage… Well, taking the risk might be worth it if you can’t afford to purchase from a trusted retailer. If you’re planning to use it for more erotic activities, I would personally either pony up the extra cash to buy from a trusted source, or buy the corded variety.

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