A few months ago, the folks at Trystology were kind enough to send me a package of goodies. One item they wanted me to try was the LELO Ina Wave, one of the most recent releases from the Swedish luxury brand.



As you can see, Ina Wave is a dual-stimulator. That smaller arm is used to stimulate the clitoris, while the larger arm fits inside the vagina and should stimulate the G-spot. I can’t contest that it’s a nice looking toy. Older dual-stimulators were often made of porous or toxic jelly, and featured some kind of animal as the clitoral stimulator (most famously, The Rabbit). Ina Wave is made of pure, sterilizable, body-safe silicone and at least looks like a toy for adults.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Wave duo (Ina and Mona), the idea is very interesting: The toys’ shafts move to caress your G-spot. It’s a noisy mechanism, but when I tried the Mona Wave, I actually quite enjoyed it. (Others did not, so read a few reviews before you make the leap.)

Another commendation I have to give LELO is that they decided to make Ina Wave’s handle out of silicone instead of hard plastic. That’s not a huge deal, but with lube on your hands, it’s actually much easier to grip the silicone handle because it has a tiny bit grab to it. Also, the buttons are now underneath the silicone, so there’s no discoloring. Additionally, they worked some kind of science magic that makes it possible to have an exposed charging port and waterproof capabilities at once, which is pretty cool.

And now we’re onto why I don’t like the Ina Wave and frankly, I don’t think it’s worth $200 for the average consumer.

Ina Wave is a one trick pony, and if that trick doesn’t work for you, you’re out $200. Much like Alton Brown hates kitchen gadgets that can only be used one way, I hate vibrators that are so limiting. With your standard G-spot vibrator, you can use it internally or externally – and sometimes it’s even anal safe. Many great dildos can be used anally or vaginally, in a harness, or for simulated blowjobs. Clitoral vibrators can be used alone or in combination with an internally-stimulating toy. But Ina Wave? Ina Wave is just a flashy vulva hog that under-performs.

The problem with dual-stimulators is that they either work for your anatomy, or they don’t, and there’s often no way to adjust them if they don’t work. It’s quite a gamble when $200 is a big chunk of some people’s monthly rent. But dual-stimulators have been so hyped in pop culture that they remain a popular design, even when their design isn’t statistically likely to work for many be-vulva’d individuals.

My problem specifically with Ina Wave is that it cannot make simultaneous contact with my clitoris and G-spot. Even though the clitoral arm is flexible, it simply doesn’t work with my body.

The first time I used the Ina Wave, I inserted the internal arm, got the clitoral arm to roughly where I wanted it to be, and turned on both the wave function and high steady vibration in both arms. For some reason, this combination felt a lot like being finger banged by a lobster claw. By that I mean, it was painful. I yelled, pulled it out, and ran straight for one of my trusty favorites.

The next time was a little bit more successful. I was able to insert it comfortably, and on one of the slower wave settings, it was at least comfortable to use. Unfortunately, it wasn’t particularly pleasurable. I couldn’t seem to get the clitoral arm to be positioned correctly, and I cannot orgasm without clitoral stimulation. But, because the clitoral arm was hogging my vulva, I couldn’t get any other vibrators in there to finish the job, either. Hence, my loathing.

What I mostly ended up doing with Ina Wave was using the tip of the internal arm against my clit, and usually only when every other vibrator was dead. It got the job done, but it did it no better than Mona Wave, and worse than Mona 2. (The Wave generation is not as strong, vibration-wise, as the 2 generation. You have to decide what’s more important to you: the wave motion, or sheer power.)

Which brings us to Sex Toy Mathematics

Depending on your budget, there are an awful lot of ways you can achieve a blended orgasm, which is the goal of a dual stimulator like Ina Wave. Personally, I like to have complete control of each aspect, both G-spot and clitoral, which is why Toy Math is my favorite subject.

If your budget is $200, like what you would pay for Ina Wave, you could get:

  1. LELO Mona 2 ($139) + Tantus Acute ($38) = $177
  2. LELO Mona 2 ($139) + LELO Ella ($44) = $183
  3. Jopen Comet Wand ($89) + JeJoue MiMi Soft ($95) = $184
  4. Jopen Comet Wand ($89) + We-Vibe Tango ($80) = $169
  5. Vixen VixSkin Mustang ($118) + We-Vibe Tango ($80) = $198
  6. Eroscillator 2 Plus ($149) + Tantus Acute ($38) = $187
  7. Eroscillator 2 Plus ($149) + LELO Ella ($44) = $193

If your budget is $150 or less:

  1. Tantus Acute ($38) + We-Vibe Tango ($80) = $118
  2. Tantus Acute ($38) + LELO MiMi Soft ($95) = $133
  3. LELO Ella ($44) + LELO MiMi Soft ($95) = $139
  4. LELO Ella ($44) + We-Vibe Tango ($80) = $124

If your budget is $100 or less:

  1. PicoBong Moka ($59) + Tantus Acute ($38) = $97
  2. Tantus Acute ($38) + Tenga Iroha Mini ($25) = $63

I would consider any of the above combinations more effective than the Ina Wave. They may not be as technologically impressive, they are going to require using two hands, but they’re much more individually tailored. When it comes to great orgasms, I find that to be a huge factor. Call me picky, but if I can get exactly the sensations that I want, why shouldn’t I?

Thank you, Trystology, for sending me the Ina Wave in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links, which help keep Marvelous-Darling.com afloat, and keep the author in lipstick.