It’s not often that I meet a toy that just doesn’t do it for me, but that does a few things right none the less.

You see, I’m lucky enough to not have a very hard time orgasming. I’ve come to require a bit of a stronger motor in my vibrators, but I’m nowhere near the power queen status that some of my friends have reached. When it comes to dildos,┬ásometimes the shapes are a little boring, or maybe they’re a bit too big, but rarely to encounter a well-made dildo that I just don’t like. This is why the Rhino by Traz puzzles me.

penis extender

Because the Rhino – all three of them, actually – is a penis extender, I needed the help of a trusty be-penised partner to get the deed done. Enter: Husband.

My husband is a man of simple tastes.Try as I might to convince him to review myriad high end sleeves, it was to no avail. He once told me, “I could take or leave a blow job, really.” Once a vag man, always a vag man, I suppose. But when I was emailed by Traz about their Rhino penis extenders, I asked if he’d be interested in trying a product we could use together. With some slight hesitation, he agreed.

The Basics

Traz makes three different Rhino models: Sleek, Genesis, and Stampede.

Sleek is the thinnest, at 1.5″ in diameter and 8″ long. It’s┬ámade of a smooth but grabby silicone, very similar to the old We-Vibe formula. Sleek still has a lightly defined head, which the designers claim was adopted for G-spot stimulation.

Both Genesis and Stampede are labelled 2″ in diameter and 8″ long, but they also claim that Stampede has a girthier head. Either way, the main difference between Genesis and Stampede is the texture: Genesis is made of the same grabby silicone as Sleek; Stampede has a much more textured feel to it, but the silicone also has less of a sticky feel. I don’t know what to compare the feeling of the Stampede to, except maybe like if sandpaper were made out of medium-firmness silicone. .

All three Rhinos are hollow, with ribbing inside. At the tip is about 1 inch of silicone, which is where the length extension comes in. Also included is a plug, made to fit inside the Rhino and close the space between where your penis ends and where the Rhino itself ends. They also suggest that, if needed, you can use scissors to cut either the Rhino or the plug. It’s definitely possible to get a custom fit, provided you fit comfortably into the sleeve.

Penis Extender

Which Is Where Our Troubles Began

It was a tight squeeze.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that mine is a Sliquid household. Sassy and Silk are usually our lubes of choice, and I maintain that for most things, they’ve got your bases covered. But even a liberal application of Sassy wasn’t enough to make the slide into the Rhino Sleek pleasant or even comfortable. (Seriously, I watched him grimace. It was sad.)

The ribbing is designed to stimulate, so that if you’re erect while wearing it, you get as much enjoyment out of using it as your penetrated partner does. In theory, the ribs should feel good when using the toy as a masturbation sleeve, too, since that’s another suggested use.

In practice, however, we found that they were just too intense. Something about the vacuum that the sleeve had created, the grabby texture of the silicone, and the firmness of the ribs combined to spell pain. He really tried, but couldn’t stand to use it for more than a few minutes. Then, when it came time to try to remove the Rhino, we discovered that those ribs really like to get caught on the glans.

All in all, I have to say that it was not a pleasant experience for him. It’s possible that we should have used a creamier lubricant, but we generally don’t keep lubes like that around, as they tend to disagree with my vagina. Also, he isn’t fond of the lubed-up feeling without a vagina to directly accompany it.

Unfortunately, the Traz Rhino penis extenders are decidedly not for him.

When it came time to try the larger two Rhino sleeves, I had quite the challenge ahead of me. I am not a size queen. My ideal is somewhere around 1.5″ in diameter. For me, a curve is more important than girth. I was excited to see what the raised head felt like, though, so I gave it a shot. Unfortunately, after sheathing a smaller dildo with the Genesis, I found that I legitimately could not insert it. There was no way that thing was getting into my vagina. It just was. not. happening. Alas, the Rhinos were a miss across the board.

On the Plus Side

I do think that the team at Traz did several things right.

For one, they make a point to mention that their team includes women, and that women were a big part of the design process. You’d think that wouldn’t be so revolutionary, but oh, it is. As a woman who’s involved with that side of the industry, I’m very happy to see companies that are hiring inclusively.

Additionally, it’s not nearly common enough to see penis extenders made of quality materials like silicone. Silicone is highly durable and hypoallergenic. Perhaps other companies hope that if they make cheaper products, you’ll wind up replacing them more often, revving up their revenue stream. Thank you, Traz, for actually looking out for quality.

Along with quality, Traz’s Rhinos offer a bit of versatility. You can insert your penis flaccid, which is particularly useful if you have trouble getting or maintaining erections. You can use it as a masturbation sleeve. You can fuck with it. If the Rhino fits your anatomy, there’s a lot you can do with it.

Finally, I think the marketing is probably some of the best that I’ve seen when it comes to penis extension. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect – I hate the idea that every man (or person with a penis) wishes their penis were bigger. I hate that people are insecure with their bodies; especially their genitals, which have the potential to bring so much raw pleasure. But the fact is, there’s a market for penis extension. And if Traz is going to market the Rhino as a toy designed to please both men and women (heteronormative as that may be), then I think we could certainly do worse.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve been looking for a penis extender and you want something body-safe (you should), the Rhinos are a good bet. If you love firm ribs, you might love the Rhino. If you’re just looking for a masturbation sleeve? Look elsewhere.


Thank you, Traz, for providing me with the Rhino Sleek, Genesis, and Stampede in exchange for an honest review! You can buy your own Rhinos from SheVibe or directly from Traz.