Bella smallWhen I was contacted by about reviewing a SpareParts harness, I was pretty excited. Some time ago, I had the opportunity to review a harness, but turned it down because I didn’t have a partner who was interested in receiving penetration. This time, I decided to just go ahead with it, and review from the POV of a total harness novice.

I chose the SpareParts Bella harness, which is very femme and offers a decent amount of coverage (though it does have an adorably cheeky little hole in the back). It’s lacy, it has little bow details, and it makes me feel like a very powerful being.

When I first received my Bella harness, I was so excited that I immediately put it on and spent the rest of the day walking around my apartment with my new gear. Sitting at my desk, I found the Bella harness as comfortable as any old pair of underwear – more comfortable, in fact, than a few pairs I own. It’s as comfortable to wear with underwear underneath as it is on its own. (Is that a rookie thing? Am I weird?)

Like all SpareParts harnesses, Bella is sized by measurements. I have a Medium, which fits me pretty well. SpareParts offers sizes from XXS to 5X, and provides additional information for choosing a size based on your body’s curves. My Bella gaps a tiny bit at the top under my belly, but my butt and hips manage to hold it up. It stays up just fine while thrusting (and dancing), though the cheeks ride up a little bit in the back.

Bella has two super stealthy bullet pockets: One above the O-ring (to stimulate the person being penetrated) and one below the O-ring (to stimulate the penetrator). I don’t personally like my vibration to be delivered that way, but that’s just my preference. Unless you’re using one of the bullet pockets or are grinding against the flat end of your dildo, it’s not really possible to enjoy clitoral or vaginal stimulation while using Bella.

Bella’s O-ring is just stretchy enough and the double mesh panel design inside Bella makes it relatively easy to position your dildo. That double panel and the slightly stiff O-ring keep everything in place. I found it much easier to put the dildo through the panels and the O-ring, then step into the harness.

If you’re penetrating a partner with Bella, you’re going to need to be prepared. You can wash Bella in its garment bag on a gentle cycle in your washing machine, or you could hand wash it with either your regular detergent or a fancy delicates soap. Because my Bella is black, it shows bodily fluids very easily. If you’re into that, hooray! If you’re not, maybe you’d prefer one of their other designs. For more information on using a strap-on with a partner, check out this awesome article from AutoStraddle. And here’s another one from AutoStraddle specifically geared towards trans women.

While I don’t personally pack, I don’t think Bella would make a particularly great packing harness. For one thing, Bella might be a little too thick for some people. It’s considerably thicker than most of my underwear. Of course, this also depends on the kind of pants or skirts you like to wear. If you wear looser pants, you’d probably be fine, but Bella is not going to go unseen under skinny jeans. The lace would be much too visible under any light materials, too. SpareParts Tomboi, also available from, would be a much better choice.

Bella is definitely a luxury harness, and what really puts Bella into that category is the attention to detail and the extras Bella comes with. Bella’s stitching looks uniform and strong. The materials are just nylon and spandex, which means it will stretch but it will also return to its original shape after washing. You get a nice delicates washing bag, making it easy to launder Bella while keeping the integrity of the garment. You get the most adorable storage bag I’ve ever seen, which I actually mistook for a second harness at first glance. And you get a set of 4 garter straps, making it easy to turn Bella into an even more femme piece of sexy lingerie.

All in all, this harness makes me really wish I had a partner who’s interested in penetration. Pegging, which recently gained attention from an episode of my favorite TV show, seems like fun as long as you know how to clean your dildo. Also, I’m not ruling vaginas out. Maybe someday! (Call me.) In the meantime, I’ll enjoy wearing it around the house. Sometimes you just want to walk around with a tie-dye dick, you know? It pleases me.

I won’t be writing another post about packing, because I don’t pack for gender affirmation. I’m a cis woman, and I don’t think it would really be particularly interesting (or my place) to like, pack for a day just so I can write about it. If you want to know more about packing, I suggest checking out’s packing harness roundup.

Who should consider purchasing a SpareParts Bella? I think Bella would be perfect for any femme who wants to penetrate their partner while wearing something pretty. Bella is perfect if you love that lacy, stockings, Dita von Teese look. It feels very stable and super comfortable, so you can tell that this harness is really meant to be used. It’s not a novelty – it’s definitely crafted for someone who wants to strap it on and look amazing while going at it. All in all, the hefty price tag is what has me hesitating to recommend Bella to everyone. But if you have the cash to splash, it’s a great product.


Bonus Material:

The purple dildo you see here is the Fusion (in size small) from Wet For Her, a lesbian-focused sex toy company. Instead of having a completely flat base like a lot of harness-compatible toys do, Fusion has a ridge that runs from top to bottom and is meant to stimulate the clitoris of the person wearing the strap-on. I can see how this could be great for some people, but it wasn’t enough stimulation for me. Then again, I was grinding on a pillow, not a partner, so my arousal levels were questionable at best.

Fusion has a nice, slight curve to it and is completely non-representational. Dildos like this don’t really do much for me during solo use, but my G-spot requires a lot of oomph to get results. I chose the small size because I figured if I was ever going to peg a beginner, small would be just right. I do think small would be a bit too small for many vagina-owners as its diameter is only 1.14″, but BioConcept also carries sizes medium and large.

Also in my little box of goodies was Viamax Silicone Glide, a silicone-based lubricant. Because I so often use silicone toys, I don’t usually opt for silicone lube. They can – but don’t always – interfere with each other and break down your precious toys’ materials. But for long-lasting lubrication, it really can’t be beat.

I’m pretty happy with the performance of the Viamax Silicone Glide. It’s completely odorless, as a silicone lube should be, and spreads very easily. It stays on the surface of the skin for a nice long time and produces a soft, slick texture. With the exception of the “male” and “female” symbols on the bottle, it actually looks a lot like a salon haircare product. (In fact, you could use it as a frizz tamer, as long as you don’t mind ‘cones in your hair.) It’s a little on the pricy side (27 euros), but silicone lubricant usually is. Luckily, a little goes a long way.


Thank you so much,, for sending me such a great goodie package! is located in Estonia, so they’re a great option if you’re looking for quality toys and intimate health products in the Baltic region. The package was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

PS: If you’re in the US, you can purchase a SpareParts Bella or Tomboi harness from SheVibe.