If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that anal toys and I have a complicated relationship. Some, I really like. Some, I absolutely hate. But I’ve never used one that really wowed me and made me fully appreciate the capabilities of the anus. Until now.

PurePlug and Daphne

Daphne wasn’t willing to accept that a hunk of steel was momentarily getting more attention than she was. 

The nJoy Pure Plug makes me never want to put anything else in my ass ever again (which is a huge problem, as a sex toy reviewer). It’s just that good. When Roylin at Trystology asked me to pick a few things that I’d been wanting to try, a toy from nJoy was at the top of my list. Although I’d tried other, similarly shaped plugs without much success, I believed that the Pure Plug would be different… And I was right.

I’ve heard that the creator of nJoy is a bit of a perfectionist, and I would like to address him directly here: Thank you. Thank you so, so much, for making this amazing hunk of metal that fits so perfectly in my anus. You have truly changed my life.

Let’s talk tech specs for a second. There are 4 Pure Plugs: Small, Medium, Large, and 2.0. There’s also a Pfun Plug, but that has a different shape. I chose the Small, because I’ve never used a steel toy before and I tend to prefer my ultra-hard toys on the smaller side. I now believe that I could have gone with either Small or Medium, because the design is just so perfect that insertion is a piece of cake. Small is 2.25″ long, 1″ wide at the widest point, and weighs 5oz.

The nJoy Pure Plug’s design is just impeccable. You can tell that someone who is both passionate and knowledgeable created this plug. The tip is just tapered enough to be supremely comfortable sliding in, and putting the bulk of the weight in that bulb means that your sphincter muscles naturally just try to draw it inside. The curve makes it appropriate for prostate stimulation, but even as a person without a prostate, it felt amazing. The neck is long enough to rest comfortably, but not so long that it becomes uncomfortable to move around with the plug in place. And that base! It sits perfectly betwixt my cheeks! The loop makes it easy to pull out, too.


Prettier than over half of Tiffany’s selection, tbh.

Before I first played with the Pure Plug, I put it in a clean mug of hot (not boiling!) water. I don’t like to play with cold toys, personally – my holes clamp up and my butt gets ticklish. Luckily for me, the Pure Plug holds heat extremely well.

When I was ready for insertion, I grabbed my trusty Sliquid Silk. Because nJoy’s steel is so perfectly smooth, you really don’t need a whole lot of lube – just enough to make insertion easy and to cushion the walls of your butt. That’s why I like using a thicker lubricant when I’m playing with anal toys.

I first tried to insert the Pure Plug while lying on my back, but that proved to be pretty difficult, even for someone who’s relatively flexible. Instead, I found the most comfortable position to be lying on my side in the fetal position. Once I tried this, it was super easy to insert, and immediately I could feel muscles clenching in a way that I’d never experienced before. (Note: In case you weren’t sure, I inserted the Pure Plug with the bulbed curve facing towards my belly button, the same direction you would insert a bulbed G-spot toy.)

Something about the combined weight and shape makes the Pure Plug work in a way that I have not encountered before. It seems to create its own massaging movements. The sphincter muscles respond to the shape and the weight, squeeze and shift, and the weight and shape shift, causing more squeezing and shifting. It’s like my butt wants to play with the Pure Plug, with no necessary involvement from me. It is a lazy person’s anal dream come true.

I wanted to see what it would be like to orgasm with the Pure Plug in place, so I grabbed a vibrator and got to work. When combined with clitoral stimulation, the Pure Plug is amazing. The natural contractions of my pelvic muscles moved the plug around even more, causing what felt like tiny rings and spots of intense pleasure. When I orgasmed, clenching around the plug prolonged the orgasm and made it that much stronger. It was, by far, the best orgasm I’ve had with anal stimulation.

So then, I decided to try something completely new to me: Double penetration. I was absolutely bound and determined to fuck with this thing in my ass. The result? Good; at times overwhelming, at times digging into my partner’s penis. But a great experience none the less. Because my partner and I favor positions that help him hit my G-spot, at times the stimulation was actually a little bit too strong for me. It was overwhelming. There was also the issue of simply fitting everything into its spot, which was aided with a liberal application of Sliquid. If I had a sexual résumé, this would be a great new entry.

All in all, I’m convinced that the Pure Plug is one of the best-designed toys of all time. This is what toy design should be. You don’t have to have a giant product catalog to make great toys – you just need to do an amazing job on the toys you make. Forgive the pun, but this is no half-assed butt plug.

Trystology Logo

Many thanks to Trystology for providing me with the Pure Plug in exchange for an honest review.